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Grand Misery

Hospital. In addition to his daughter, Cook apparently has some quality time available for Keith. I'd think thathis convalescence would be a lot farther along, considering it seems like he was shot seventeen years ago. But when events such as these unfold off-camera, they tend to be forgotten a lot more easily. (Like, wasn't there some saintly blonde girl earlier this season? What happened to her?) Cook tells Keith that he broke into Naima's parents' house because she told him she was writing a tell-all book about him, and he was worried they'd find it. Keith points out that breaking into the house of someone whose parents he's accused of killing might not have been the best plan for Cook's public image, and I'd add that the story sounds a little fishy, since he waited an awfully long time to try to recover the manuscript. I mean, it's not like it only started being a threat to Cook after he was accused -- he still would have stood to lose all those endorsements and his Hall of Fame status and whatever other crap he was worried about, as he himself points out. Cook barely has time to assert his innocence before Jackie shows up, and after a friendly greeting, Keith leaves. Jackie and her dad share a nice moment. Aw, what could go wrong there?

Chez Mars. Gia has managed to get the recording from that soccer mom, and Veronica quickly determines that the mysterious cameraman was wearing a varsity letter jacket and driving a red pickup. We follow that lead into another commercial break.

Chez Mars. Keith discovers that his morning paper is gone, but then reenters the kitchen to see it and Veronica. Not that I wouldn't have guessed this, but it really looks like sleuthing should not be attempted on a coffeeless stomach. Veronica playfully gives Keith shit for the rumor about him getting the girl drunk. It's nice that she's so laid back about it, but a girl like Veronica, who's had absolutely (Lianne) no (Lianne) experience (Lianne) with the ugly side of alcohol, is bound to be more flip than your average. Veronica rushes off to cast her incorporation ballot, and then Keith opens the Exposition Times to reveal that the vote is too close to call, and also that he publicly denied involvement in the Ms. Stansfield business, and pointed the finger at The Woodman. Also, Ms. Stansfield is only twenty-five, and I'd say something about that being young for The Woodman if I didn't already suspect that that's soon going to be alabaster in comparison.

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