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Grand Misery

Veronica's folding sketches of the suitcase-nabber-setter-upper when Mr. Wu chides her for not studying: "If you wanted clerical hall, you should have signed up for clerical hall." Might as well save up the sarcasm for next year, Wu -- it's wasted on the college-bound. Logan comes in late, mildly bitches Veronica out for inviting so much riffraff to his party, and then notices the sketch. Veronica notes a look of recognition, and gets Logan to reveal that it looks like his dad's cellmate. A quick check of that scene proves him to be quite correct. Now that we know he's linked to Haaron, I wonder whether this guy's going to turn up dead with "Veronica Mars" written on some body part of his. He certainly has some space to sell advertising. In an episode that frankly, especially if you pay attention to the editing, contains quite a bit of filler, I'm surprised we didn't see Veronica relay this information to Keith. On the other hand, if Veronica and Keith shared everything they knew, criminals wouldn't even bother coming to Neptune, and then what kind of show would we have?

Speaking of filler, Jackie's back with her dad, talking about the Alterna-Prom, and the only noteworthy moment is when she tells him that "Wallace and [she] are doing the whole thing." Cook doesn't bat an eye at this, so either they have a freer relationship than most fathers and daughters do, or the painkillers in this hospital are so mellow that Corny would break his arm just to get his hands on some. Anyway, Cook thinks maybe Jackie's too serious about Wallace, but she says that she's leaving for Paris soon, and has no illusions. Okay, we'll go with that.

Neptune High. VMVO tells us that it's deadline night at the Navigator, and that she's been waiting to try to walk out with Gia to try to warn her about her dad, but Gia's giving her the Arctic shoulder. Veronica tries to strike up a conversation, but is rebuffed, and gives it up as a bad job.

On her way out, Veronica passes Lucky, and they share a friendly hello. Apparently they've come a long way in each other's eyes since the time they only knew each other as Logan's intense idiot friend and Logan's Xterra girl, respectively. Which is nice for both of them. However, that newfound goodwill is not long for this world...

...because, in the parking lot, Veronica sees the red pickup parked in the maintenance spot and realizes that it belongs to Lucky. She calls Keith and urgently relays the information to his voicemail, and then wonders why the hell she and Keith don't have some kind of Bat-emergency comm system already, as we go to commercial.

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