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Seriously, "Weevil" Who?

Keith arrives home, and Veronica asks him if he had any luck. Negative. Noting the magazine he's reading, Veronica asks if he's checking "what's up with Nelly." Keith tells her he's reading up on his client, who apparently is "the scariest man alive who's also launching a line of casual wear." Dude, you want to talk scary? I've seen Ralph Lauren in person, and the things he's done to his skin. After Double A sticks his head in a broiler for a few half-hour stints, we'll sit down and talk about scary. Veronica looks at Yolanda's picture, and offers that Yolanda goes to Neptune High, and she could ask around. Keith accepts that offer, but warns her to be discreet. "Client's a little sensitive." Well, okay, but there's a difference between "I cry nonstop during Frequency" sensitive and "You mispronounced my name, so now I will shoot you in the kneecaps" sensitive. Just saying.

School. VMVO tells us that it's not the first time she's had the chance to help Yolanda. We flash back, with much less blue than usual, to Yolanda walking into school, causing Duncan and Logan to quickly pitch tents. And if "An Echolls Family Christmas" is any indication, they match. Lilly good-naturedly notes that the boys are "equal-opportunity oglers," and Logan concurs. "I judge not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their sweater." I'm sure Weevil would be happy to hear that, especially if you substitute "pants" for "sweater." Hey, he's the one who talked about the size of his hog. Lilly says it's a good thing she's not the jealous type. It'd be a better thing if she later remembered she said that. Veronica sunnily goes up to Yolanda and introduces herself, and offers to show her where her next class is. As they walk off, we get a reprise of that effect where present Veronica is superimposed over the flashback scene. It's a lot less fake-looking than last time, so kudos there. Flash back to the present.

Keith is in the aforementioned Sam Bloom's office. Bloom tells Keith that his kids grew up with those of the Hamiltons. Keith offers that he heard there was bad blood between him and Double A, and Bloom chuckles all, "You have NO idea." Bloom sardonically tells Keith that when Double A was, as he tells the press, "fighting his way up from the mean streets," a lot of his success was due to his lawyer, who just happened to be Bloom. But when Bloom found out Double A was engaged in tax evasion, he squealed to save his practice, and Double A went "back to jail." Keith doesn't understand why the hatred is two-sided, but Bloom goes for the big reveal by wheeling himself out from behind his desk. That was underplayed and well-done, and I am looking in your direction, Sensei Shut Up. Bloom goes on that a couple months later, as he left work, someone drove up and fired ten shots into him, and although Double A denied responsibility, Bloom found out that day who the man really is. "It's Bone." Well, that is a lot shorter to type than Double A. You make a good case -- no wonder you're a lawyer.

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