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Seriously, "Weevil" Who?

Lab. Veronica finds Urkel, who's doing something related to civil engineering. She starts to introduce herself, but he calls her by name and says he remembers her, which is a nice touch. He probably remembered her for a while at night before he went to sleep, but that's another story. Veronica says she wants to track Yolanda down, but Urkel says that something bad must have happened to her, and it's Bone's fault. He goes on that despite the fact that Bone's been in jail for a third of his life, Urkel's the one that's considered the embarrassment. "State science fair winner two years straight, but I'm soft. Is that why you guys stopped bein' friends? You figure out our dad was in jail?" Veronica denies that, and Urkel says it's too bad, because Yolanda "really liked you guys." Well, I have to point out that Lilly wouldn't have been such a good friend to Yolanda, what with the EXTREME DEADNESS AND ALL. I can't speak for Veronica, but you know what can? Another flashback.

Kids, including Duncan, Veronica, Logan, and Yolanda, are playing quarters. Apparently Veronica has told Logan that Lilly's sick. Yeah, sick of him! Oh, snap! No I di-int! Word to your moth…sigh. Old. Old old old. Anyway. Duncan says he should get Veronica home, the implication that she's had one too many wine coolers or shots of peppermint Schnapps or whatever it is that people who party like half a person drink. Veronica says a warm goodnight to Yolanda, and they leave, but Veronica doubles back when she realizes she forgot her purse. She stops short when she sees Logan and Yolanda kissing. It's not the tonguiest of kisses, but whatever's said later, it looks like there's some intent on both sides.

I have to point out a timeline issue here. We were told that this party happened the week before Lilly's death, and we know that Duncan broke up with Veronica before Lilly died. So since Duncan and Veronica were still together at the party, that means that Duncan has to break up with Veronica within the next few days, and Lilly has to talk to Duncan about the breakup before she dies. I'm not saying that's not possible, I'm just pointing out that we're on a tight schedule here. Anyway, we cut to Lilly hearing the smooch news from Veronica. Veronica tries to play the kiss like it was no big deal, and offers to ask Yolanda about it. Lilly: "I don't know a Yolanda, do you?" Well, yeah, she's the hot girl you were hanging out with and then she kissed your boyfriend and…oh. I see where you're going with this. Flashback to the present, where Veronica takes off.

Chez Bone. Keith is trying to sell Bone on the idea of begging Dime Bag to talk to him. With assistance from the wife, he succeeds. Bone calls Dime Bag, and basically, Dime Bag makes Bone beg, Bone does in fact beg, and Dime Bag says he doesn't know anything and laughs in Bone's face. Man, Dime Bag. I know that must have been satisfying and all, but you just ensured that the next time Bone is dangling you out of a window, there's going to be a cry of "Butterfingers!" Keith and Bone and his wife listen via bug to Dime Bag and his buddy crow about how hot Yolanda is until Bone can't take any more and slams the computer shut. He yells at his son to make himself feel better. He and Haaron should get together and commiserate about how giving family members a lot of money should entitle you to emotionally abuse them as much as possible. And then they can talk about how much they don't get the term "embarrassment of riches."

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