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Seriously, "Weevil" Who?

Bone appears at Mars Investigations and hands a ransom note to Keith, saying he's got to cough up half a million bucks if he wants to see Yolanda alive again. Keith gives the standard spiel that a ransom note is good news, but is puzzled by the fact that the kidnapper gave up the location of the drop so early. Bone thinks the kidnapper is Dime Bag, because the note refers to Yolanda as "Little Miss Princess," and they heard Dime Bag call her that through surveillance. That's going to turn out to be another very nice little detail, and I'll probably forget to mention it later, so props. Bone: "If I don't get my daughter back, somebody's gonna die." Keith nods all, "Since you're so big into lists, can you tell me if I'm on that particular one?"

Bone Home. Keith enters to find Bone packing the ransom money into a metal briefcase. Bone says that there's a tracking device within, and "the bastards won't even make it a block." Keith advises him to involve the police, but Bone says, indicating his henchposse, "I have my justice right here." Keith says he can't be a party to what Bone has planned, and Bone dismisses him with the promise of payment. Keith looks resigned, and Mrs. Bone looks worried. Perhaps she'll donate money to fight California's three-strikes law.

Keith and Veronica are walking down a main street in the pouring rain. Keith notes that there are no escape routes for the kidnapper, and getting rid of the money will be impossible. Veronica focuses in on the storm drain, and concludes that it wouldn't be totally impossible. Who says civil engineers can't get rich?

Veronica joins Keith in the car, having bought a bunch of rubber duckies. Rub-a-dub-dub, Veronica in the tub. Keith, you just stay where you are. They drive off.

Bone's waiting in the rain when his cell phone rings. A deep voice asks if he sees the taxi up the street, which he does. It then instructs him to go to a nearby trash can, wherein he finds a plastic football. The voice says Bone can keep his cash, but instead he needs to put his "quarter-million-dollar ring" in the football and drop it down the storm drain, or the cab won't stop. Bone grits his teeth, but obeys. The voice disconnects, and the cab starts up. Bone's henchposse rushes it. They open the doors, and we get some jarring and weirdly-edited cuts inside the cab, but we do see that it's empty except for the driver. And from the look on his face, if he's never purchased Scotch Guard, that's about to change. Bone screams in frustration, and I understand, since I don't know how the "kidnapper" got the cab to move at just the right time. There would have been nothing in it for the driver, and how would he have known when to go anyway, since the "kidnapper" was on the phone with Bone? I don't like to do this with this show, but GAH. Suppressing the "GAH" isn't good for your throat.

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