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This was a great scene, full of emotion and complex layers. It makes more sense, I think, if you go back to the first episode of the season, wherein Piz asked her the simple, direct question of why she solves crimes, and she was so defensive. The reason she was so evasive and brittle? She doesn't know. She doesn't know what's driving her, and this is one of the more interesting things about her character. Is it that she feels the world is a bad place and it needs all the help it can get? Is it a need to prove to people that you can't trust anyone (as the A-plot of "Of Vice And Men" would suggest?) At this point, it almost doesn't matter, because Veronica is unwilling truly to examine why she is the way she is. That's why Logan stymied her in that argument, and it's why, I think, it makes sense that she dodges him at the end of the episode. She can't explain why she won't give it up, because she can't explain why she does it in the first place. Anyway, I apologize for all the analysis, but once again, I'll fall back on blaming Patty Hearst's presence.

Lamb shows up at the Rose estate and informs Mr. Rose that they found one of Selma's earrings in his "girlfriend's car." He adds that they found love letters from him on Hallie's laptop, and she, after some interrogation, suggested that Lamb check out the guest house. Mr. Rose looks scared, but perhaps not quite as scared as he should. Especially given what Brandt's likely to do to him the next time he falls asleep. Commercials.

Sheriff's station. In an interrogation room, Mr. Rose is telling Lamb that he won't say another word until his lawyer gets there. Sacks pokes his head in and informs Lamb that Selma is hoping for a few words with her husband alone. The lawmen leave as Selma enters, and she asks if her brother was in on the plan, or if Mr. Rose was simply counting on him to do the wrong thing. Mr. Rose: "He is reliable that way." Selma then produces a document that reads "Divorce Settlement Agreement" and suggests that he sign: "Unless you had your heart set on prison." He looks at her balefully, knowing that Nanny Fine would never have treated him like this. On the other hand, there was that voice.

In what looks like a Hearst building, Dean Ed thanks Keith, although he expresses surprise that, as a repeat customer, he didn't get a discount. Keith practically giggles that he didn't charge for postage, and they're cuter together than you might expect from an adulterer and a bone-marrow thief. Selma appears, and after some small talk, Dean Ed asks how she's going to vote. Selma: "My official vote is screw 'em. They're outta here!" That one's certainly been popular of late.

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