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A couple of quick thoughts here. From reading the forums, I've seen that more than one reviewer expressed dissatisfaction that this was the end of the rape storyline. I'm surprised by the confusion, since it's been well reported in the mainstream press for quite some time that the rape mystery would span the first nine episodes, not eight. However, I think the confusion shows that for people who didn't know the length of the arc, this was supposed to seem like the end, and because of that, I think that the Liliths' involvement in the rape mystery is over. Their arc feels done to me, and if Patrice Petrelli is involved further, it seems to me like she has to have a connection to someone else. A lot of people think Patrice is going to turn up in the next episode, but I really don't think that's likely. However, the discussion of the fake rapes brought something else to my mind. By no means do I think all the rapes were faked, but what if Nancy's was the one that wasn't on the up-and-up? Lamb said that GHB was used in two of the rapes, most likely Parker's and Stacy's, and it seemed like Dawn, being the first victim, might not have reported her rape until much later, if at all. But if Nancy had legitimately been drugged and raped, you'd think she, presumably being aware of the serial rapes, would have gone directly to the law. So if she didn't, was it because she faked her rape? The reason I find that point so crucial is that if she wasn't actually raped, Mercer's alibi about being in Mexico doesn't mean squat. I know he still has the radio station logs, I said at the time, something about him spending that extra night in jail makes me wonder. I'm thinking he's involved in the rapes in some capacity, and if not, props to the show for the subtle misdirection.

Oh, wait, the episode isn't over? Okay. Veronica, in the food court, gets a call from Logan. She screens him and sits down with her tray, unaware that he's watching her from across the room. I don't know what the big deal is -- I'd hope my boyfriend wouldn't be offended if I called him back after I'd eaten. Then again, he'd have a stronger case if I blew him off to chow down on Chili's. Anyway, Logan looks like his heart is breaking into teeny-tiny pieces. At some point, they're going to get too small to reconstitute.

Next week. someone's dying, and Veronica discovers the rapist's identity. Yikes!

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