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Cut to Dean Ed introducing "new trustee" Selma to the room...only she's nowhere to be found. The crowd's reaction is stunned silence, which makes their status as non-speaking extras all the more convenient.

Lamb is asking Dean Ed, "Foul play. You think? What makes you think so?" Because Patty Hearst is a God-awful actress, and they must have stunt-cast her for some reason? (Actually, her acting is so bad that it goes around the bend and back to enjoyable for me. At least no one can accuse her of trying too hard.) Lamb thinks that "rich ladies aren't the most reliable creatures," which in turn makes me think that receipts were way down this year at the Sheriff Department's fundraiser. Go for the striptease next time, dude. Dean Ed is not thrilled with Lamb's blasé attitude, so when Lamb happens to use the expression "dollars to donuts," Dean Ed takes the opening to snark, "You'd be the donut expert." Well, it's bear claws in his case, but the judges will allow it. Lamb sees Dean Ed make a beeline for Veronica, and chews his cheek at the observation.

Veronica is walking to her car and telling Keith: "Beer off your belly, hand out of your boxers, put on some pants": she's bringing home a visitor. That's one of her Simpsons references, for those of you who are unfamiliar and thus grossed out. Seeing a shadowy figure somewhere nearby, Veronica hangs up, pulls out Mr. Sparky, and moves.

Chez Mars. Dean Ed is telling Keith and Veronica that he's known Selma for twenty years: put a crowd and a microphone in front of her, and she's not going anywhere without being dragged. He adds that the sheriff is an idiot: "I've met smarter sandwiches." Probably none quite as tasty, though. Dean Ed concludes that Selma's been kidnapped; laments the fact that Hearst has had rapes, riots, and now abductions; and says that he needs the Marses to find her. Keith rather limply nods his way into the opening credits.

As Dean Ed is heading out, he remembers to tell Keith that one of the other board members saw Selma talking to a waitress shortly before she disappeared. He leaves, and Keith suggests that he should go talk to the family, while Veronica can handle the waitress and the caterer. Veronica likes this plan, and finger-guns Keith -- "high road" -- then herself -- "low road. Got it." Hee. When was the last time they worked together on a MotW? It's nice.

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