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Veronica and Dick find Morty, and Dick introduces her, without irony, as his friend. I'd complain, but I've been down this road before, and besides, argyle sweaters do seem to cause Veronica to lose any sense of judgment. Veronica flashes a twenty at Morty and is all, "While you're down there..."

Sometime later, the girl Dick hooked up with exits the frat house, looking...well, I don't know if "worse for wear" is accurate, since this is the first time I've seen her, but I feel pretty safe in vouching for the "wear" part. Indeed, Dick complains that Bonnie's worth only half the points now. There's an unfortunate description of her escapades, followed by an even more unfortunate "Pinball Wizard" reference and dance from Veronica. Put it this way: when a homeless guy interrupting with the news that he's found a plastic egg that's recently seen the inside of both a dumpster and someone's ass is significantly raising the level of discourse, the preceding conversation was perhaps a little much. Morty is now wearing plastic gloves, by the way, so I assume Veronica gave him the nature of his errand here, in addition to possibly upping her Jackson to a Franklin. Veronica puts the egg in a plastic bag, and when she called the low road before, she sure didn't know the half of it.

Keith meets Selma's brother Roger. He's not very helpful, so let's be brief: he doesn't think his sister is any kind of businesswoman, and is delighted that the company's stock has gone up every day since her disappearance, just on the idea that, now that she's gone, they'll start selling products manufactured in Asia. Well, it sounds to me like the potential for fraud is awfully high, but on the other hand, if people are dumb enough to buy the stock when Selma hasn't even officially been declared kidnapped yet, I don't know that they deserve much help from the SEC. Roger continues to go on in that "Wow, as suspects go, I sure do have a compelling motive" vein, and then snaps at his assistant for not having gotten him in touch with "Evan." So, for all Mr. Rose's hype about this woman, not only is she a crappy assistant but, given that she's letting her boss babble about how happy he is that his sister's gone, she's an even worse publicist. Anyway, the one interesting bit of information Roger gives up is that Selma was considering divorce: since Mr. Rose's accident, he'd gotten more and more clingy. That seems understandable, but we'll find out later that such attention from someone of his sex might have made Selma especially uncomfortable.

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