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In the food court, Veronica is telling Wallace about the Easter egg and the numbers therein. (Wallace has cropped his hair, by the way.) They brainstorm to try to figure out what the numbers could mean, and I'll just tell you this: If they turn up on a hatch, you lovely readers are on your own. Veronica eventually discovers that the numbers form a date: 11/19/03, almost exactly three years earlier...

...and then we're in the library, as an NVMVO tells us that Veronica's checking the FreePress issues from around that time. She discovers that a Theta Beta pledge, "Patrice Petrelli," fell off the sorority-house roof. Too bad she didn't wait for the eclipse to happen, but I guess there wouldn't have been much point in tanning at that particular moment. Veronica then once again senses that she's not alone, and runs off and hides under some stairs or something. She sees a pair of legs come into view, but it turns out they belong to the janitor. Damn, girl. I know you budgeted for the use of a lot of creepy music this episode, but looking up that article couldn't have waited until morning?

Chez Mars. Keith informs Veronica that he ran the dog walker's license plates, and asks Veronica to check it out. Veronica looks at the name: Hallie Platt. Hmm, that rings a bell...

...and that's because it's the name of Keri Lynn Pratt's character. Hallie's lying out on the tanning lawn, and it's a good thing Wallace is so busy these days and Piz is off in Mac-land, because otherwise their hard-ons would be casting some annoying shadows. Veronica sits down with Hallie and insinuates that perhaps Hallie was involved in her boss's disappearance because she was worried about her sorority house being shut down. So are they just not having the vote because one trustee isn't available? Or is there no tie-breaking procedure? Neither scenario seems particularly credible, but I suppose when you bring in Patty Hearst, the incredible is to be somewhat more expected.

Back from break, Veronica rather snottily tells Hallie, basically, that her having a job in the first place is a joke, and that having one that requires her to pick up dog poo is beyond belief. You'd think Veronica would be a little less confident in accusing people of wrongdoing after having been mistaken so many times this season, but it's nice of someone to make Alex Rodriguez feel better about his recent batting average. A lot of people on the boards found it off-putting that Veronica was so nasty here, given that they thought Hallie had been nothing but nice to Veronica. That's not quite how I remember it, given the intention I perceived behind her line about having had "a little Shih Tzu named Veronica." However, the part about Hallie's job is asinine for several reasons, most notably: (1) The traits Veronica ostensibly sees in Hallie -- being vapid, frivolous, and the like -- don't automatically mean that she's financially secure enough not to have to earn at least some money at college. (2) The part about Hallie being too grossed out to pick up dog poo might be somewhat less dumb if Hallie, as I mentioned, hadn't already told Veronica that she used to be a dog owner. (3) Veronica saying that Hallie (who, for all she knows, could have been working at this job for some time) only got it in anticipation of a possible vote to kick the Greeks off-campus -- a vote which Selma, who just joined the board, would swing? It occurs to me that while it bothers me sometimes when Veronica's bitchy, it troubles me a lot more when she's stupid. After all, she never wrote, "Veronica Mars is nicer than me."

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