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And this using the threat of being labeled gay could be construed as slightly bothersome, depending on how you look at it. Earlier this season on Joan Of Arcadia, Joan flirted with outing a student in order to influence the outcome of an election, which I found very problematic, although she at least didn't end up going through with it. But I think this kid, with his Seth-directed homophobia and his threats to publicize a sex act of his girlfriend's, is getting exactly what's coming to him. In other words, it's not the most wonderful message that being gay in high school will make a kid the object of scorn, but since the show is not unrealistically depicting that to be the case, it's reasonable to give a scumbag like this a taste of his own medicine.

Anyway, Tad says he doesn't care what the kids at Neptune think of him, since he'll be gone in a month, but Veronica counters that she's got the emails of all Tad's incoming classmates, and she'll be perfectly happy to send them all the link to the "very special website." And if she does that, mixed in with the scorn will probably be a few offers of some covert action, which will bother him even more. It's hard work being a bigot, you know. Veronica urges Tad to think hard about his next move, talks again about "mutually assured destruction," and takes off. Given how this plotline turns out, I wonder if she shouldn't instead have challenged him to a game of tic-tac-toe, but I realize she probably would have beaten him, and that would have defeated the purpose of the demonstration. Tad appeals to Carmen, but she tells him she never wants to speak to him again. She restrains herself from adding "maricon," but given what's to come, she might as well have ditched the discretion.

Veronica's waiting for the school bus when Logan calls to her. He's sitting on her car, since he got his dad's driver to pick it up. It's worth noting that he refers to her car as a "rust bucket," and even though he's joking, it says something about the limits on his potential for change. He tosses her the keys, and she sits next to him and wryly says she'll try to remember this gesture when he and Team Casablancas are scamming cheerleaders down Mexico way. Logan says he bailed, as he has other plans. Veronica: "There are cheerleaders with low self-esteem available domestically?" Well, I'll just channel Seth to answer that: girl, please. Logan asks Veronica out on a date Friday night. Veronica can't hide some degree of pleasure as she asks him about maintaining their secret status. Considering you're sitting on a car together in front of the whole school looking at each other for all the world like "That's Amore" should be unironically kicking up right now, perhaps Logan could be forgiven for bravely suggesting that you two be seen in public together.

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