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Cliff asks Loretta to sign something as Veronica sits there, stunned. Seeing that Loretta has written "Screw you, pig," he coaxes her, "Okay, like a big girl now?" HEE hee hee. Loretta, please don't kill him. I like him way too much. In fact, what I said about Harry Hamlin goes double for Daran Norris. Cliff explains that, under California law, you have to post a notice for seven days before you can file for divorce on grounds of abandonment. There's no way I'm researching that, and given that the writers all live in California, I'm going to believe them. Not that I'm hoping any of them have first-hand experience with this statute, but given how twisted this show can be, the question does linger. Cliff hangs up to deal with the big girl as Veronica turns to her computer and connects to the Neptune Register's website. She quickly discovers that the ad has run for six consecutive days. VMVO says something unnecessary as Veronica calls the paper, identifying herself as Keith's assistant, and tries to pull the ad. Unfortunately, they need an account password, and Veronica, defeated, hangs up. I'm surprised she didn't try to guess it, or talk the guy through with her signature blonde act. But perhaps in that moment she realized she needed to GET A GRIP. After a moment, however, she seems to come up with another idea...

...and she's driving, as VMVO tells us she's tracking her dad's cell phone. She justifies it by saying that Keith did it to her first. The fact that he thought she was in mortal peril at the time is a distinction she chooses to ignore, but perhaps she thinks seeing a bullet in your daughter's head is the same as seeing your dad initiate divorce proceedings against your cheating alcoholic runaway mother. Hey, I'm not judging. We all have to twist the abacus sometimes to get us through life. Just try not to break it, Veronica.

Cut to a hotel desk, ostensibly the place the cell phone led Veronica, where the attendant is telling Veronica that there's no one there under either "Mars" or "Fennel." I'd like to know what name Keith did use, but we should probably spare Veronica that information, since she's had enough trauma in her life without finding out that her dad is posing as "Dirk Diggler." Or worse, "Jim Morrison." Veronica hears music coming from the ballroom, and she enters to see Keith and Alicia sharing a lovely dance. Veronica's face breaks as VMVO realizes that Keith is happy. Well, that makes the happy population of Mars exactly one. Veronica leaves.

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