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Mars Investigations. Veronica walks in to find Keith sitting at her desk looking at the classifieds she apparently left open. And here the only good thing about the party revelation was that it took her mind off her mom for half an hour. Keith says he knows he should have told Veronica, but he's only taking this step to keep his options open, and it won't necessarily amount to anything. He promises no more surprises. Somewhere, a newborn baby utters "Goo goo ga ga," which translates roughly as "Pull the other one." Veronica: "I just want you to be happy, Dad. And I realize that may involve...surprises." Awwww. Keith goes into his office, and Mac enters with the revelation that someone purchased a "Roberto Nalbandian"'s passport and had it shipped to the airport Marriott. I wonder if someone on the staff is a tennis fan, since Nalbandian is the surname of one of the best players in the world. Veronica introduces Mac and Keith. Keith says "Roberto Nalbandian" with a Spanish trill, and tangoes his way into his office. And if the upcoming scene with Wiedman is any indication, his ability to dance alone is going to come in handy. Mac asks what her share of the bounty on Duncan is, and at this point, Veronica's only going to have enough money for Yale if she lives in a cardboard box. Off-campus. Veronica says that Mac will get her cut, and then asks if there's a way to determine when a video was recorded on a cell phone. Mac says yes, sits down at Veronica's computer, and discovers that the image was captured at 3:23 AM, December 7th, 2003. That matches up, considering Lilly was supposed to have died in October, and it took several weeks for Keith to be removed from office. It also matches up with VMVO's assertion that she and Carmen "don't remember the same night." It will be interesting to discover exactly how that night played out. And I know it's only April, but the "Understatement Of The Year" competition is now over but in name.

Kane Software. Alicia wraps up a call with Keith and enters a darkened conference room, wherein lies Wiedman. It's an intriguing point that she doesn't know who he is. He tells her that he knows Alicia has been seeing Keith "for the past couple months," which matches up with the assertion that Duncan bought the car a few weeks back. It's worth noting that that revelation makes the relationship between Logan and Veronica seem not to be going at quite the breakneck pace I thought. It may be breakneck in other ways very soon, but we'll have to see about that. Wiedman tells Alicia that Keith is a known enemy of Kane Software and the Kane family, and that he's going to have to ask her to stop seeing him. Alicia tells "Mr. Weed" that she'll do no such thing, and that she's been a model employee, but Wiedman produces a small metal device from his pocket, and tells her it's a bug. Moreover, he found it in a houseplant delivered by Wallace. This is absolutely, completely brilliant, especially if you consider that Wiedman might have found the bug a long time ago and fed Veronica the name of Amelia DeLongpre. Also, it follows up on the foreshadowing that helping Veronica would eventually get Wallace in trouble, only it does so in a far crueler and twistier way. And again, it raises questions about whether one or both of the Kane parents are aware of Wiedman's actions. Bravo. The only person who doesn't seem to appreciate this turn of events is Alicia, but Wiedman's tall and menacing enough that she can be forgiven. Oh, and there's also his reiteration that she should stop seeing Keith. Either one.

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