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Shall We Play A Game?

So. Dick and The Beav make snide comments about white trash and cinderblocks, prompting a half-assed "Guys, come on" from Logan. I'd wonder if Veronica's annoyed that he's not really sticking up for her here, but since she'll soon learn that "sticking up" doesn't have the most positive connotations in this episode, I think she'll probably let it go. She doesn't, however, let Dick and the Beav get away without sarcastically parroting their routine back to them as she finishes fixing her car and starts the engine. Dick and the Beav are rendered speechless, and that's the cheapest two for one I ever did see. Also, you'd think Dick might tread a little lightly here, considering his own automotive troubles that last time he took Veronica on, but it's possible that he's too dumb to have made the connection. Logan's quietly amused, and he and Veronica share a surreptitious look before he heads off with Team Casablancas. Their team bus, needless to say, is short. As are other things of theirs, I have little doubt.

Pretty girl, dorky guy. "Tad" can't believe that his girlfriend, who is pretty and Latina and I'm only mentioning that latter point because it is important to the plot, is dumping him after two years. She tells him that he's graduating, and that she doesn't want to do the long-distance thing. Been there. Tad protests that it would only be for a year, but she counters that he's going to the Naval Academy and then the Navy, and basically? Ship out, Tad. Although joining the Navy does seem like one good solution to that dreadful flat parted hair he's sporting. Still, I think a salon would work fine too, and given the tattoo he ends up with, he might as well get used to that scene now. Tad pathetically gives the girl a CD, saying it's something he wrote for her, but she still turns to go. He calls her back, though, and shows her a video on his cell phone. We don't get to see it yet, but given the tone of the giggling on the soundtrack, it does appear that our girl has starred in her own version of sex, lies, and T-mobile.

Cut to the girl crying in the bathroom as she tells Veronica she doesn't even remember doing whatever it is she did. Veronica is sympathetic, no stranger to painful non-memories herself. She asks if the video is of the girl and Tad having sex, but the girl clarifies that it's worse -- she was skinny-dipping, and she had a Popsicle. She doesn't complete the thought, but it's implied that her performance with the wooden stick is straight out of Bill Cosby's wildest dreams. (Scrub your brain -- the bleach is on me.) Veronica asks if she thinks Tad would really go through with it, but the girl is understandably unwilling to take that chance, and asks Veronica to get her Tad's phone. "You can do that, can't you?" Veronica: "Bank on it." Credits.

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