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And we haven't left the bathroom, as Veronica and Logan are going at it hot and heavy. Considering we've seen this room used and referred to as her office, she is opening herself up for a lecture about decorum in the workplace. Of course, said lecture would be inaudible over all the squealing and the swooning and rushing to get smelling salts this scene no doubt produced, so it doesn't seem like there's any point. Logan breaks the clinch, and Veronica breathlessly says that she blockaded the door and hung an "Out Of Order" sign. One of these days, a custodian's going to come in and get more than he bargained for. Logan says that a boy in a girls' bathroom is wrong. And here I thought he and Rickie Vasquez had so much in common. He apologizes for the behavior of Team Casablancas, but Veronica's unbothered, and besides, they have to keep up appearances so that Duncan doesn't find out about them from anyone else. So, has Veronica dropped Duncan as a suspect in the murder? Because if not, I can't imagine that would be her first concern upon Duncan's reappearance. Logan agrees with Veronica, and then tells her he's "beyond tardy" for his Physics class. She hands him an "untraceable" date-stamped tardy slip, and smiles, "I know people." And I'm sure said "people" would be very glad to learn that you're using your overextended goodwill with "them" to illicitly make out with the "obligatory psychotic jackass." About as glad as "their" "mothers" dating your father makes "them," that is. Logan and Veronica kiss some more as she breathes out some Physics equations, which is a little ironic, since this whole scene is one big chemistry lesson. He leaves, and VMVO says she needs to cool down. I'd suggest a cold shower, but I have a feeling there's a run on water at the moment. VMVO goes on that she promised "Carmen" that she'd help her: "Thank God for disposable cell phones."

Walking down the hall, Veronica asks Wallace what's wrong. He says that he watched their parents cuddle on the couch the night before, and his eyes, "they burn." Heh. Veronica asks if he has any idea what they do on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 to 10 "that requires an overnight bag." Wallace theorizes that they play Bingo: "That's my story. I'm sticking with it." Well, Wallace, I'm not sure I agree, but I'd imagine that the ecstasy of getting that fifth number at least produces similar sound effects to whatever it is your mom might be doing. Even the shout of "Bingo!" might be a commonality. Veronica hands Wallace a slip of paper and asks him to call the number on it halfway thorough sixth period. This is as good a time as any to say that one of my readers emailed me to tell me that she was in this episode as an extra in several spots, the first being right here -- she's the one with the red shirt with her back to the camera, brown hair in a ponytail. I know that Wonderwilma from the forums was in this episode as well, but I don't know what she looks like. Both women will also be in the next ep, though. Hi, y'all! Veronica sees Tad, and asks Wallace to help her out as she hands him a phone. She starts backing up from Wallace, saying "he" was all, "No, way," and she was like, "YEAH, way!" I think if the word "way" were eliminated from the English language, the entire state of California would sink into the sea in a state of utter confusion. Also, hee. Veronica succeeds in getting Tad to bump into her, and while his attention is directed her way, Wallace drops the phone in Tad's backpack. He's got a killer crossover, you know.

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