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Josh hops back into the car and shows an anxious Veronica the coins. He also produces the CD, and says that it's got his dad's handwriting on it.

At the sheriff's station, Keith gives Sacks the gun and asks him to test for powder residue. Just then, Lamb emerges from his office and tells Sacks to get a move on. Keith recognizes the address Lamb mentions as the O'Dell residence, and Lamb says that it's a breaking and entering report. Keith speculates that it's Grieco, and asks if he should come along, since he's dealt with him before. Lamb snarkily turns down the offer: "But I'll give you a call if I need any backup." Interesting to note that Lamb's last words to Keith are a sarcastic canine-themed pun. I suppose it works for me.

Cut to the O'Dell residence. Lamb instructs Sacks to stay outside and make sure Grieco doesn't escape. He enters and impresses us all with his military precision in handling his gun, but all that is for naught, as he hears Grieco shouting from upstairs. He starts up...

...and outside, Keith pulls up. That's...odd.

Inside, Lamb opens the door to a bedroom. He moves in, sees someone pointing a gun at him, and shoots -- but it was only a full-length mirror casting his reflection. I wonder if death constitutes payment of the seven years of bad luck. Anyway, Lamb drops his guard for no real reason, but then sees a shadow behind him. He wheels around, and Grieco clocks him with a baseball bat, which he was apparently using to tear up the place. Grieco gets two hits in before the unseen Sacks shoots him dead. Just as well -- in heaven, he'll get to be Johnny Depp. Sacks kneels by Lamb, who utters the M*A*S*H-inspired line, "I smell bread." Toast is more like it. Sacks then whirls and points his gun, but it's Keith. Way to almost die for no reason there, Keith. We certainly don't need two of those. Although between Cicero, Brutus, and Cassius on Rome and Simone on Heroes (I'm assuming, don't email me), maybe killing regulars this week was some sort of showrunner RDC challenge. Anyway, Sacks's mustache is very shaken, so Keith instructs it to go call for an ambulance. Keith checks Lamb's pulse as we go into the last commercial break.

I'll keep this short: I think this death was totally lame. It's not that I don't respect a show that's willing to kill off a main character in an unexpected way, because I do. That's the sort of stuff that can keep television fresh. And I think integrating Lamb into the college setting hasn't really worked all that well, so for that reason alone I can get behind the decision to get rid of him. It's just that the way the death occurred was totally pointless. Sure, officers of the law die like this all the time. That's completely irrelevant: as this and other programming demonstrates to us all the time, just because it happens in real life doesn't automatically make it good drama. As much as this show strives for continuity, it isn't vérité. I doubt there's going to be any fallout from Lamb's death, I don't think any character is going to be the slightest bit affected by it after this episode, and I don't think there's any lesson the show wants us to learn here. I mean, Landry seems to be pushing the idea that Veronica's too good for the PI game, which could be interesting. But rather than force her to make that decision herself, the show's giving her an easy way out by breaking up Mars Investigations. So beyond a little shock value, what do we get out of this, other than Keith becoming sheriff, which frankly I don't see the need for? Very little, and I think it's a shame to give a popular and hardworking regular such a crappy sendoff. It feels rushed and lacking in intention. I mean, I had no problem with the show giving Teddy Dunn such a nice sendoff, but would it have been too much to ask to do something decent for Muhney, who's ten times the actor? It makes you think the writers never really knew what they had there, which is quite a shame.

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