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Josh is waiting for Veronica outside her complex when she appears with her laptop. They play the CD: Josh's dad tells him that if he's watching this, Josh is twenty-one and his dad is long gone. You know what's worse than being dead? Being dead and wrong. We see that the recording was filmed in a locker room as Josh's dad goes on to say that the statute of limitations on their insurance policy has run out (wrong again, Dead Dad), so he can tell Josh the truth: he was responsible for his own death, since he had a terminal disease that would have robbed him of his mental faculties and crippled their family financially. He says that the person who "helped" him is a dear friend who knew everything. Also, he's sorry he was tough on Josh, but he was preparing him to be the man of the house. He says he's real proud of Josh, and has no doubt that he's taken good care of his mother and brother, causing Josh to cry. Up in heaven, his dad's all, "It's like he didn't hear a word I said!" Veronica, however, notices the reflection of someone else in the room -- someone who looks like Josh. Josh recognizes him as the assistant coach, who played for his dad at Army. Veronica realizes that that's who Mason saw. It's left unstated that the guy would also have had a Colt .45 from his stint in the service. Just to temper my earlier negativity, I have to say that this two-part mystery was totally engaging and exceptionally well-plotted. Kudos.

Mars Investigations. Veronica enters, goes to Keith's door, and says she heard on the radio that Lamb is still in intensive care. Oh, Veronica, I covered this already. Get out the mint jelly. Keith sternly tells her that a buddy of his at Customs found footage of Josh crossing the border on a fake ID. He berates her for her involvement and for leaving the laminator on, so she gives him the CD. Because...Josh wouldn't have wanted to keep the heartfelt message from his dad? All right, maybe Veronica made a copy. I could see her anticipating needing it. The phone rings, rescuing Veronica.

Deep in the bowels of Hearst, some maintenance guy is chattering to Weevil about something or other, and suggests that he clean the flue while they're wherever they are. Weevil goes to do that, but sees something blocking one of the vents. He retrieves the blockage, which is a paper bag that turns out to contain a bloodstained shirt and gloves.

Keith finishes up watching the CD. Veronica tells him that the County Commissioner is on the line. Keith asks her if Josh is planning to stay in Mexico until the insurance money is safe, and the answer is yes. Of course, the statute of limitations on murder investigations doesn't expire, so I'm not really clear what Josh is planning to do when he comes back. It seems like his only recourse would be to tell the truth, but it seems to me that that would at least expose the assistant coach to conspiracy to commit fraud and obstruction of justice charges, so that appears perhaps less than ideal. Maybe the assistant coach told Josh to man up one too many times. Keith then takes the call and does some damn fine acting opposite a dial tone. He then rises and tells Veronica that Lamb is dead. We do get a close-up of Veronica's stunned face for about ten seconds. Well, that's something!

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