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On his way out, Keith just happens to spot Vinnie, who's brought in a old white fugitive: "Turns out, his uncle isn't Nigerian royalty." God, Vinnie, that reference is getting pretty hoary. At least move on to the one from the wife of a Saudi prince or whatever. Keith brings up Mrs. Barry, and Vinnie tells him that he was checking to see if the coach was having an affair. Keith asks what he found. Vinnie: "Keith. I am bound by the exact same ethical codes you are." He then laughs, and I'm glad. Not because the line was that funny, but it saved me from deciding in which of seventeen directions to go with it. Vinnie confesses that he never got a money shot, but did get some pictures of the coach in a parking lot with "a very attractive married lady." Keith asks if he could get a copy, and Vinnie easily agrees, since he thinks it would be good to have Keith owe him one. I thought Keith already owed him one after Vinnie blackmailed him with the Harmony pictures, but I guess this is the kind of debt that could cancel the other one out.

Dean's office. In the foreground, we see someone scraping Dean Ed's name off the glass door as, inside, the assistant tells Keith about Mel Stoltz's surprise visit. She also reveals that the Dean ran out of Xanax, so she called in his prescription, but that he didn't have time to go pick it up. Good thing you chose that particular day to break the news about his wife's affair, Keith. Timing is everything!

Keith calls the pharmacy to find out who picked up the prescription, but we don't hear the answer. As soon as Keith gets off, Landry enters, futzing with his cell phone. He produces a bug, and asks whether Keith planted it in the phone. Keith denies it, and says that he's sure that Veronica didn't have anything to do with it either. Landry notes that Veronica has a lot of initiative, and tells Keith how Veronica probed his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang alibi. I like how this is the second time Landry has seen right through a Mars trick -- it's nice to see some worthy adversaries here. Keith smiles that Veronica has a lot of initiative, but Landry points out that she also has a lot of promise, and doesn't need to be "slumming it in a PI office the rest of her life." Landry's pretty invested in Veronica here, have you noticed? He then, rather hotly, details his evening of December 10th -- got to the Grand at 7:30, watched the Clippers game until Mindy showed up at 8:15, conducted the "usual business of an affair," then the movie, and then sleep. He says that there's nothing for Keith to find, so he should stop looking. I hate to disagree with someone so smart, Landry, but if the "usual business" of your affair lasted six hours, I think Keith would at least be interested in finding your secret.

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