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Lamb interrogates Mindy. She's not forthcoming, so he tells her that lying to him is a crime. She asks if he's thinking of perjury, which he is. Mindy: "Well, then you might be confused about what perjury is. Me lying to you here is not perjury." Looks like Landry's been giving Mindy some legal lessons. If that's part of their pillow talk, we've got an explanation for the six hours. Lamb asks about the Xanax, and Mindy says that she did indeed pick it up, and that she's since taken some to alleviate the stress of her husband's death. I'm surprised she has any left, because being suspected of a murder that would peacefully have been thought a suicide until she opened her fat mouth has to have been a little nerve-wracking as well.

In a big storage facility, Weevil leads Sacks to Dean Ed's computer.

Parker opens her dorm-room door to find Logan. She lets him in; Mac and Bronson are inside. Logan hands Mac the card, and Mac's impressed that Veronica was able to do her a favor from the inside. Neither Mac nor Parker seems the slightest bit fazed that Logan is there on Veronica's behalf, but given that damaged, frigid Mac is going to be giving it up in about three seconds flat soon enough, they're probably aware that things change on TV pretty quickly. A scruffier-than-the-last-time-we-saw-him Bronson tells the girls that some guy "can't do it either." Logan starts to go, but you can practically see the light bulb over Parker's head as she asks Logan if they can borrow him. Logan: "Will I be returned in my current pristine condition?" My guess is no, but if this show has taught us anything, it's that your healing powers are pretty prodigious.

Wallace stops by jail to tell Veronica that Mason didn't show up for practice, and that no one's seen or heard from him. Cliff and Lamb appear, and Lamb lets Veronica out. Once he's re-locked the cell, Lamb realizes that he knows Wallace from somewhere, and Wallace recounts how Lamb told him to go see the wizard and ask him for some guts. Lamb asks whether Wallace took his advice. Wallace: "Yeah. He said to let you know that you're the only sheriff in America who he considers a true friend of Dorothy." Wallace sounds like he's been working on that way-too-long line for a couple of years. Given that it sounded so rehearsed and still wasn't very funny, I'd say that makes him the Chris Sligh of this show. Seriously, a lot of people on the boards took offense at the "hey, you're gay!" joke. know, if it were done in any sort of funny or subtle way, I could probably forgive it, but Lamb? Gay? I mean, he certainly deserves to have the line about the wizard turned around on him, but there's got to be an element of truth to it for the joke to have any sting. Given that Lamb could make assless chaps seem hopelessly heterosexual, the line just seems goofy and lazy. How hard would it have been to make fun of Lamb for being dumb? Like, "He said the effort of giving you a brain just about killed him." I could probably do better with two years to work on it, too. I'd tell Wallace to go away, but as usual, he's way ahead of me.

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