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Cliff drops Veronica off at her apartment complex. As soon as he drives away, though, a hoodied Josh grabs her and leads her away.

Cut to Josh opening the trunk of a car to reveal a bound and duct-tape-gagged Mason. Josh rants to a horrified Veronica that Mason killed his dad; she gets even more upset when she sees that he's wielding Mason's gun. Veronica's going to need a strategy to talk Josh down, so luckily enough, we go to commercial.

Josh tells Veronica he knows how this looks. Well, good thinking, there. Veronica manages to talk the gun away from Josh, and once she does, she tells him that the pistol is a .22, and that his dad was shot with a .45. That thing looks pretty big for a .22, considering that I have my recording paused right now, and it looks like Veronica might reach up and start drying her hair with it. But there's no time for that, as Josh grabs Mason and yells at him to reveal why he's lying about seeing him. Veronica urgently tells Josh to let Mason go, and Josh, with a visible effort, accedes to her request. She tells Josh to turn himself in, but he tells her that he's got to get out of the country. He adds that he has $10,000 in rare coins that his grandfather left him in a safe-deposit box, but that he needs an ID showing he's twenty-one to be able to access them. He asks if she can help him, since he knows she made a fake ID for Wallace. Veronica tells him to buy a disposable cell phone and call her in twenty-four hours, and shoos him off on his way. Once Josh has gone, Veronica frees Mason, who thanks her. Perhaps he'll show his gratitude by not telling the local law about Josh's plan with the rare coins and Veronica's involvement in said plan. She notes that Mason lied about having the gun -- which isn't exactly how I remember it -- adding that Josh is pretty convinced that Mason's lying about the rest of his story too. Mason: "Oh really? I must have missed that!" Well, I doubt you could hear that much in the trunk of the car, so I forgive you.

So it turns out that Mac, Bronson, Parker, and Logan are a team of four in this Valentine's Day scavenger hunt at Hearst. Honestly? All these characters are fine, but this subplot would be dumb even if it didn't involve Valentine's Day, so you're getting the short version, which is that the kids get their first clue.

Chez Mars. Keith calls to Veronica, "Honey? Why is there a pistol in the freezer?" Veronica rattles off a bunch of answers that make Keith incredibly sorry he asked, and then tells him what happened with Mason and Josh. She notes that Josh's behavior with Mason is illogical if he's guilty, and Keith agrees, tells her about the Vinnie angle, and shows her the accompanying photographs. He adds that just as Josh's behavior seems odd for a guilty man, it would be strange for Mrs. Barry to be involved in her husband's murder and then hire Keith to investigate it. He says that the husband of the woman in the picture is a naval captain. "Official sidearm of the Navy? Colt .45." Keith says that he's going to pay the dude a visit the next day, and then asks Veronica where she left things with Josh. She tells him everything that happened, and Keith isn't too thrilled with the part where she promised to help him flee the country, but she tells him she had her fingers crossed, basically, and that they can trap him.

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