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The kids find a book called Indian Sutra, and take and send camera-phone-pictures of them demonstrating a pose from the Kama Sutra. They don't have to take anything off, so I don't really see the big deal, but you could look at this as part of Mac's journey toward tearing Bronson's clothes off using only her teeth, so perhaps it's necessary to the plot.

Veronica flips on the TV, but there's a basketball game on. The announcer says that their regularly scheduled programming can be seen an hour after its usual time. Veronica has A Moment Of Detective Realization. Careful, girl, those things can cause whiplash.

The kids take each other's pictures buying extra-large condoms and making naughty balloon animals with them, much to the amusement of the uber-dorky guy running the event. Dude, GET A LIFE. I'm sure you know where to buy one on the internet pretty cheaply.

Keith enters Veronica's room and tells her she's missing "that show where women have sex in an urban setting." The world has moved on, Keith. I mean, even Jason Lewis is making out with guys now. Veronica tells Keith that Channel 9 (heh) pushes back its programming an hour on basketball night, and happens to broadcast Space Ghost, which means that when the dude placed the time of the gunshot according to when the show was on, he was in fact an hour off; he had to have heard it between 3:20 and 3:30, meaning that Mindy's car was safely back at the Grand at the time of the murder. Veronica and Keith consider this new evidence as we go to commercial.

The kids arrive at the beach in Logan's Range Rover. Their instructions tell them to get their last clue at the lifeguard's station. This subplot would belong on The Amazing Race, but only if it were much less aptly named. The kids look around the station in vain until Logan spots a flag attached to a buoy or something out in the water. Bronson immediately tells the group that he can't swim, which on the one hand seems kind of hopeless. But I'll admit that when it comes to the Pacific Ocean in February, the official story is that I can't swim either. Anyway, Parker, Denver-bred ass-kicker that she is, has no qualms about the freezing water, so she drags Logan in as Bronson and Mac share a smooch.

Later, the task has been completed, and Logan chivalrously drapes his jacket around Parker's shoulders. And she let him? That slut!

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