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The Marses show up at the sheriff's station and tell Lamb about the error regarding the "earwitness." Having listened to Keith once this episode, though, Lamb's already over-quota, and Veronica's presence isn't going to help matters either. Sacks then barks at Lamb, causing Lamb to spill his coffee and grunt, "Does everyone need a piece of me this morning?" Well, it's not like you can blame them. Sacks bumblingly tells the group that Richard Grieco's prints were on Dean Ed's keyboard, causing Keith and Lamb to look pointedly at each other. Lamb rushes into his office, and Keith and Veronica head out. Keith isn't so sure that Grieco makes sense as a suspect, an assessment with which I agree, since it's a huge stretch to think Grieco somehow got hold of Veronica's paper. I mean, we're pretty clear that that's where the killer got the scenario from, right? Nevertheless, Veronica thinks that the second man in the Grand room might have been Grieco. This didn't strike me until just now, but...has it really not occurred to Keith that the man yelling at a guy having an affair might have been THE CUCKOLDED HUSBAND? I mean, Keith knows that he broke the news to Dean Ed on that very evening, so...hi? With all the talk in which people engage about Occam's Razor on this show, they don't seem to understand it all that well.

Subplot I couldn't care less about. The kids turn in their stuff, but are disappointed to learn that they only got third place. If everyone had to do the same tasks, which seems likely, that makes no sense, because that swim wasn't exactly short, and I don't see how two teams could have gotten so far ahead of our guys that they were already done by the time Logan et al got to the beach. But anyway, they win a fifty-dollar gift certificate to the Neptune Grand's restaurant. It's a good thing Mac seems to think mints are a good meal, because that's about all this group is going to be able to afford with that. What a chintzy prize. Anyway, the group splits up, with Logan and Parker sharing a goodbye that the moderator in me could do without. Elsewhere, Bronson realizes that he doesn't really have time to go home before his next class, so Mac invites him to "crash" in her room for an hour. If she can throw that word around so liberally, I guess she really is over Beaver.

And just like that, Mac and Bronson are in a post-coital spoon. They're giggly and cute and not actually all that awkward, and Bronson tells Mac that he likes being sweet to her, and he's kind of a dimwitted mushmouth, but I could still watch this scene all day. It's Mac, right?

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