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Lamb and Sacks are in an interrogation room with a strung-out-looking Grieco. Grieco denies any involvement in Dean Ed's death, and murmurs to himself, "That bitch is settin' me up." I've heard worse theories. Lamb asks whether he means Mindy, but Grieco's done talking, and demands a lawyer. Lamb grins big...

...and then Cliff is introducing himself to Grieco as his attorney while using the misnomer "Neptune County" instead of Balboa County...

...and then we're back in the interrogation room. Lamb starts to ask about the evening of December 10th, but Cliff notices that they picked Grieco up "at the laundromat on El Camino." Lamb doesn't see the significance, so Cliff spells out that that venue is a hundred yards into "Santa Rita County," and that Lamb has no jurisdiction there, so any statements made would be inadmissible. Lamb sighs in frustration at how bad an episode he's having. As has been the case for much of his life, he doesn't know the half of it.

Keith, staking out a house from his car, sees the ostensible other woman say goodbye to her uniformed ostensible husband. Once the husband has driven away, Keith calls her name and rushes over to her. He truthfully explains his errand and shows her the pictures he got from Vinnie. She tells him that she's a neurologist, and that Coach Barry was a patient of hers and had Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. She tells us that the disease is invariably fatal, which is why we haven't seen it have a guest appearance on House. She adds that whoever killed Barry probably saved him from a world of suffering. Keith reflects on that into the commercial break.

Veronica arrives home, and Keith tells her that a couple days after Vinnie produced the pictures, Mrs. Barry took out an additional life insurance policy on her husband. I'll assume that's one of the privileges of marriage, because if anyone could take out a policy on anyone else, I could maybe see the teensiest potential for misuse. Also, I have to point out that it seems like Mrs. Barry never learned the truth about her husband's illness, so I'm not sure what prompted her to take out this policy. Did her husband put her up to it without telling her why? Anyway, Keith goes on to say that one of the quirks of the policy is that if the death isn't natural, it pays out double, so the Barry family stands to make a cool $5 million. Veronica points out that Mrs. Barry was home at the time of the murder with her younger son, and wonders whether she could have hired someone. Keith says that he thought that at first, but that the Barrys were totally broke, so it seems unlikely that she could have scraped up the $10,000 necessary for a hitman. And thanks to this show, I know exactly what the going rate on taking out my upstairs neighbor who clomps around like a rhinoceros at 3 in the morning is. Who says TV isn't educational? Talk of the hitman seems to trigger something in Veronica -- presumably the idea that Mrs. Barry could have gotten her mitts on Josh's coins and cashed them in -- but she quickly covers, and then Keith adds the part where Barry wasn't having an affair, but was facing a grim, expensive death.

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