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Keith goes to see Mrs. Barry.

Veronica's working on the fake license when Josh calls from an unlisted number. Given that it's broad daylight outside, Josh obviously waited a lot more than twenty-hour hours to call Veronica. But hey, no rush, right?

Cut to Veronica pulling up to the bank with Josh in the passenger's seat. She hands him the fake ID and wishes him luck. When he's gone, VMVO notes that if he's nervous now, he'd be even more so if he knew there was a chance that his mother cashed in the coins and used to proceeds to off his dad. Well, probably best you didn't tell him that part, then.

Barry home. Mrs. Barry: "It sounds to me like you're asking if I had my son kill my husband for insurance money." Keith: "Not exactly." Well, if you're even in the market for a rousing denial, now you know where not to go. Mrs. Barry tells Keith to wait there; she wants to show him something. I don't think this is going to turn out to be as sexy as the setup implies.

Josh approaches a bank employee and asks for access to the box. The teller requests ID, and Josh hands it over. You know, I realize this isn't the Old West, so it's too much to ask for a big "WANTED" poster on the wall with Josh's picture, but...doesn't anyone watch the local news? I mean, that Maria Vasquez is one spicy dish!

Mrs. Barry opens up a storage space, reaches in, pulls out a gun, and cocks it. If I'm going to show a gun to a sheriff-turned-PI, I think I tell him about it in advance, so he doesn't get the wrong idea and show me what a bullet in my skull looks like.

Josh opens up the box. From the quick shot we see, it looks like it's empty. I'm hoping that was a trick of the eyes, because if not: cheap.

Definitely cheap? Mrs. Barry hiding the gun in her pocket as she sees that Keith is no longer outside. She then draws the gun as she calls his name, and I'm sorry, but no one innocent behaves in this manner. Anyway, Keith surprises Mrs. Barry and forcibly takes the gun from her, notes that it's a Colt .45, and then asks if there's anything she wants to tell him.

Josh finds the coins in the box, and also a CD with his name on it.

Mrs. Barry is complaining that she wouldn't have shot Keith, and says she doesn't even know how to use a gun. You certainly cocked it with enough expertise there, dear. Keith is like, "You pull the trigger." Heh. She tells Keith that she got the gun to show to him. She hid it when the police showed up to arrest Josh, because she thought it would make him look guilty, but then she read on the internet that the gun could be tested, so she wanted to give it to Keith so that he could have it checked out and, she hopes, exonerate Josh. I think there are some serious holes in her logic. I mean, the police don't even know about this gun, so proving that Josh didn't use it doesn't seem like it will really help. But I suppose I can cut the bereaved widow a break. She glumly tells Keith that the gun was her husband's, left over from his Army days, where he used to coach. Well, at least the mystery of where he got "man up" from is solved.

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