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Mars vs. Mars

Back inside, Clemmons testifies as to how popular Rooks is. He retakes his seat, Veronica handing him back his phone on the way. Veronica whispers something in Rooks's ear. I know you want to help, Veronica, but given the circumstances, there's just the teeniest chance that that action might be misconstrued. Rooks rises and asks the chairman to check the messages on her own cell. She has three new texts, which read, "True Pirates share their booty," "I'll be your little spoon," and finally, "Vice Principals make the best lovers." Hee hee. Veronica smirks to herself as Clemmons strokes his head all, "My father told me to go into investment banking." Rooks asks the chairman to push the callback button, which she does, and Clemmons's cell rings. Rooks notes that it's easy to create false text messages on cell phones. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I get really annoyed with my ex-boyfriend.

Sometime later, the panel returns from its deliberations, and the chairman announces that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and lets Rooks off on the lack of evidence. Carrie fights bravely not to break down.

Chez "Start Me Up." Veronica stops by to return Rooks's cell phone, saying it's now password-protected. He tells her he had some pizza delivered and there was a two-for-one deal, so he's "swimming in it." Dude, when you get a pizza like the one in these pictures, then we'll talk. It took five recappers to bring it down, which is more than it took to do the same to Dawson's Creek. Veronica agrees to one slice. He asks her if she'd like something to drink, although I can't imagine his judgment is so impaired as to be offering her alcohol, given everything that's happened. She says she'll have "Diet anything," and asks to use the bathroom. He points her to it, and gives her an appraising look while her back's to him. Again, nice. Passing the bedroom, Veronica stops when she sees that the sheets are black silk, and to make matters worse, the strains of Mick Jagger start right up. As much as Veronica was blinded by loyalty to Rooks and hatred of Carrie, I give her a lot of credit for immediately acting once she realizes her error, as she runs out, claiming it's later than she thought. Yeah, we're at minute fifty here, hon. Get it in gear.

I think we're in the journalism room, although with the lack of Miss Dent, it's hard to tell. It's easier to be interested, though. Veronica's checking up on "Oxcarbazepine," which Duncan is apparently on. It's used to treat Type IV epilepsy. Well, that's one mystery solved. Only forty-seven more to go. Duncan comes over and asks what she's doing. She changes the screen with the practiced keystroke of someone who spends an awful lot of time reading recaps instead of working. No need to blush, everyone. She tells him she's Googling herself: "Like I'm the first." Yeah, now I'm the one that's blushing. Duncan picks up a picture of Carrie, underneath which is the copy of his medical records. Veronica hastily covers the copy up with another glossy, and it does look to me as though Duncan's attention is too focused on the picture to notice what was underneath, but I will certainly concede that there's room for ambiguity. Which is always a good thing. Veronica asks where she could find last year's school newspapers, and Duncan tells her they'd be in the supply cabinet. She tells him she needs to find out who won the extemporaneous speaker competition, since she'd like to know if the winner had sweet knees. Duncan gives the face we all do when we discover an ex is a psycho, and good-naturedly says, "I give up." Probably just as well.

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