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Mars vs. Mars

Outside the room, Veronica gets information for "the Knight family." Well well well -- funny how things work out. Especially when you have a limited guest-star budget. Oh, I'm kidding -- it's really quite seamless.

Veronica rings a doorbell. Susan Knight answers and quizzically asks, "Veronica Mars?" Veronica tells her that Carrie's story was true, only it didn't happen to her -- it happened to Susan, and it was Susan's phone Carrie displayed at the hearing. Susan tells her that her parents disowned her because she wouldn't tell them who the father is, and as she steps out from behind the door, Veronica's subtly chagrined to see that she's pregnant. Man. She adds that her parents would have pressed statutory-rape charges, and she didn't want that. Yeah, because Rooks is doing so right by you. Sheesh. Susan adds that she had to leave town, so I guess Veronica visited her parents first and found out where she was. Veronica asks why Carrie told the story, and Susan bites out that it's because Carrie thought what Rooks did was wrong. She says that Rooks gave her five hundred bucks to get an abortion, and that it drove Carrie crazy that there were no consequences for what he did. Susan says she's not brave enough to come forward. Veronica tells her that people have put Carrie through hell. Susan's surprised, since Carrie told her most people were supportive of her. Veronica: "They weren't. We weren't." She encourages Susan to make Carrie's effort worth it by making a phone call and setting things right: "I just happen to have the school-board president's cell-phone number." Heh. Just don't ask her how Clemmons is in the sack.

Veronica finds Carrie, who's sitting alone outside, and apologizes, saying she went to see Susan. Carrie says that doesn't do her much good now. Weevil's voice rings out, and we see he's got a teeny little freshman in tow. Weevil tells "V" that the kid's the one bragging about seeing Logan's mom. Of course, Weevil's seen Logan's mom take the plunge before, but not to such an extreme degree.

Logan arrives in a classroom to find Weevil, Veronica, and the kid waiting. The kid says that he and a bunch of his friends shot a movie near the Coronado Bridge, and when they were editing it together, they noticed something. I would have guessed they noticed that it blew harder than a February wind over Lake Michigan, but that's not what he's talking about. No, upon close examination, they see something fall from the bridge and hit the water. Veronica winces, Weevil exclaims in shock, and Logan starts shuffling his feet, trying to keep his balance. Personally, I don't know what they're all so worried about. I mean, I didn't see a collagen geyser erupt from the water, did you? The kid adds that the time stamp on the video shows a match with the time Lynn was alleged to have jumped. But the only person who could have supplied that time was White Trash Walking, right? Maybe she was telling the truth after all. Veronica warns the kid that this footage must never go public, and Weevil adds that if it does, the kid's next movie will be a snuff film, with him as the lead. It's too bad those things are illegal -- it would be a great way to apply Darwinism to the acting world. Not to mention the fact that there would be few things more amusing than watching a guy calculate his SAG points right as he's eaten by a crocodile. Weevil spares a glance at his boy toy, and escorts the kid out. Without facing Logan, Veronica says she's sorry. Voice breaking, Logan says he is too. He walks out unsteadily as Veronica's phone rings. Once she sees who it is, she calls after Logan...

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