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Mars vs. Mars

Sometime later -- although the cut is so smooth it's a little confusing -- Wallace forks over Carrie's file. You know, I'm glad they don't do this in the bathroom anymore, but the courtyard seems a bit too far the other way. Wallace warns Veronica not to get them in trouble. Veronica: "Don't worry. I've got a cyanide capsule and a false tooth. If I'm caught, I'll do the honorable thing." Wallace: "It's been a privilege knowing you, Mars." Hee. Veronica starts to read the thing in the middle of the courtyard, like, hi, detective, and VMVO starts all "Well, well, well, Carrie," but Logan walks up and interrupts, asking for news. Veronica tells him that she put notices on his mom's credit and debit cards, and if any of them is used, she'll get a text message. Also, the woman who claimed to see Lynn jump is giving a statement at the sheriff's office the next day, so Veronica will drop by and see if "she's up for a chat." Over Veronica's objections, Logan insists on going as well, saying that he'll know if she's lying. Veronica sees Carrie and approaches her, saying that she wants to give her a chance to recant her accusation. Carrie asks why she cares, and Veronica tells her that there aren't many great teachers, but that Rooks is one of them. Veronica, you know I love you, but your high and mighty stand is slightly diminished by the fact that you're practically WAVING THE GIRL'S PERMANENT RECORD IN HER FACE. Carrie says that Rooks seduces "his students," which is a nice way of phrasing it given how the episode turns out. Carrie calls Veronica "naïve," but Veronica tells her she knows that Rooks called Carrie's parents in for a meeting about her in September, and points out that that doesn't seem like anything an illicit boyfriend would do. Carrie's eyes go to the folder, but she doesn't react other than that. Also, we find out later that Carrie alleged that she and Rooks had been seeing each other well before that, just to put that statement in context. Carrie says she never cared what Veronica thought of her before, and that she's not going to start now. Veronica considers that...

...and strides purposefully into Mars Investigations. Keith greets her and asks if she knows Mr. Rooks, and she tells him she's in his class. I would have thought Keith might already have met Rooks at a parent-teacher conference, but maybe Enrico Colantoni had that week off -- I mean, "Keith was chasing a bail-jumper." Keith tells her to find out everything she can about Rooks. Veronica asks why, and her level of dread is commensurate with that of a movie reviewer who's just settling in to watch Constantine. Keith tells her that Carrie's parents hired them to investigate Rooks, since Carrie filed a sexual-harassment claim against him, and they want him fired. Noting that Veronica's silently gasping like a beached porpoise, Keith asks her what's wrong, but Veronica just keeps goggling into the commercial. You know you've stunned her when you even shut up the VMVO.

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