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Mars vs. Mars

Mars Investigations. Keith enters and takes off his jacket. That might be a little premature, considering the reception he's about to get. Noting that Veronica's refusing to speak to him, he tells her that he encourages her to stand up for what she believes in, but that Rooks is "a bad egg," and that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Veronica says she believes Rooks, but Keith informs her that Carrie kept a detailed diary of her affair with Rooks -- dates and places, including a fancy dinner they went to after she won the "District Extemporaneous Speaking Competition." Veronica points out that that doesn't prove anything: "I could write down that I met Kid Rock every weekend at the Hedonism Lodge for a sensual massage and smoothies, but that doesn't make it true!" Well, I'll take a chance saying that I speak for everyone here: THANK GOD. Keith adds that he checked Rooks's credit-card records, and they match with certain entries in Carrie's diary. The lesson being that people who commit statutory rape should always pay in cash. Veronica, grasping at straws, says Carrie could have followed Rooks, but Keith says the diary is very specific: "And I don't want you seeing Kid Rock." Thanks, Keith, but I already covered that. Once again, Veronica looks flabbergasted as we go to commercial.

Hey, that three-second "Upcoming On Veronica Mars" bit gave away almost the whole rest of the A-plot! Nice one! Lucky I watched this on DVR the first time and skipped the commercials. Still, boo, UPN promo department.

Mars Investigations. Veronica calls Dr. Levine's office and makes an appointment. There's a can of soda labeled "Skist" on the desk in front of her. I thought at first it was just a way of getting around the copyright, but then I realized, given the later significance of the initials "S.K.," the props department is seeing if anyone's paying attention. Well, I am, to the tune of about 7,000 words or so. Behind her, Logan enters, and hearing her wrap up the call, mildly comments, "Well, I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure penicillin will clear that problem right up." Hee. After some more toothless repartee, Logan tosses a tabloid onto Veronica's desk and says that a woman claimed to see Lynn get out of her car and get into a van with a mysterious stranger. Veronica: "There's also a jungle tribe that worships Donald Trump's hair." The gods must be out of their ever-loving minds. Veronica gently adds that she doesn't want Logan to get his hopes up, but Logan tells her that he's paying her to do a job. Veronica counters that she wasn't aware she was being paid, but Logan insists that she will be compensated, and that they're "not exchanging friendship bracelets." That's the second time Logan's talked about friendship accessories. If they're big at Neptune High, it's no wonder Veronica doesn't wear a lot of accouterments. Veronica calls the woman in the story and arranges for a "follow-up" interview immediately...

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