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Double Your Mothers, Double Your Fun

Night. Veronica, still upset, drives as VMVO tells us that the problem with chasing the storm is that it wears you down and breaks your spirit. Cut to Veronica making a phone call. She tells the person at the other end that she's outside his house. A light comes on, and a figure emerges. He opens the gate, and we see it's Icetwin. He gently says, "It's about time," and she collapses into his arms in tears. Aww. I hope he makes her happy for at least an episode or two.

Next time: Veronica takes on the "Silicon Mafia." The ep looks Wallace-centric. Kyla Pratt guest-stars. Veronica pulls a Jennifer Garner. There's some serious Icetwin mackage, but still no sign of Weevil. The forum posters tap their toes in impatience. See you then!

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