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Duncan swigs some milk from the carton as his mom comes in and reminds him to take his pill. As she babbles that there's no shame in taking antidepressants, which is absolutely true, we see said pill on the countertop in the foreground, next to a huge glass of water. Looks like someone in the props department's word of the day was "juxtaposition." As Duncan goes over to the sink, his mom says that everyone she knows has needed them at one time or another, and that he should give them a little more time, as he's only been on them for six months. I know very little about them, nor do I know what Duncan's supposed to be on, but I was under the impression that you're supposed to feel results at least from drugs such as Prozac a couple of weeks after the initial dose, so her enthusiasm seems a little off, but maybe being Stepfordian is her way of dealing with all the family trauma. Duncan's way of dealing, however, is to drop the pill down the sink, which his mom totally doesn't notice. Maybe he'd get results if you opened your eyes, lady.

School. Veronica spies Duncan at his locker talking to Logan. Presumably affected by the Body Heat-esque dream she had over the weekend, she looks a bit dazed as the action around her gets all speedy and spinny. Icetwin bumps into her, knocking her out of her reverie, and she asks him out. He hams, "Finally, the girl comes to her senses!" Eh. Veronica and Icetwin skip out of the frame, and Logan and Duncan enter it, as Logan is asking about Shelley. Duncan complains that she's a talker, and Logan agrees that he hates it when they talk. Well, I guess Lilly's death worked out well for you, then. Logan points out that Icetwin has been "all over your trailer-park ex." Well, I'd rather live in a trailer park than stay at the Hilton. Duncan genuinely seems not to care, but suddenly looks ashen and sweaty, and runs to the bathroom. Inside, he rinses his face off, looking like he just vomited and/or suffered a mild panic attack. He could be our forum posters anticipating the overnight ratings of the show. He returns to Logan, looking chipper again. They observe Veronica hustling Young Kid into the girls' bathroom. Logan grins and walks away with a, "That girl is seriously wack." I think she's mad fresh, Logan. You be illin'.

Inside the girl's bathroom, the new Rickie Vasquez asks Veronica to find his dad, who ran out on him and his mom ten years earlier. Oh, this seems as good a time as any to mention that the popular name for this kid in the forums is Poor Man's Frankie Muniz. Now, I hate to break with my beloved posters, but I disagree, for two reasons. One, I don't see any resemblance at all between the two. Far more importantly, however, I don't think it's even possible for there to be a poor man's Frankie Muniz, because I think Frankie Muniz is a no-talent hack whose only purpose in life is to suck screen time away from Justin Berfeld. This kid actually somewhat reminds me of a less chubby version of the protagonist of L.I.E., which makes me wary of dark and sordid plotlines to come. In other words, props to the casting director. Veronica asks the kid, whose name we'll soon find out is Justin (which is also funny, because physically, this kid looks a lot more like Berfeld than Muniz), if he's sure he even wants to find his dad, and shoves the door closed on a couple girls and sticks a stop under the door. Hee. I don't know why drawing attention to yourself in this way is more secret than simply finding a quiet place outside to talk, but true to form for this show, it's entertaining, so I'll go with it. Veronica asks Justin why he wants to find his dad now, and Justin tells her that his mom got laid off, so she's working two crappy jobs, and so is he. Boy, he's ungrateful. Doesn't he know that his mom can go to community college and be on Easy Street in no time at all? (Oh, I forgot to mention: This part of the recap was written after the debate.) Veronica asks him for some details, which are as follows: There are no pictures, as his mom destroyed them all, no Social Security number, no date of birth, and the dad's name is "John Smith." Well, that's like looking for a needle in a haystack. The size of Uranus. (Oh, come on. I restrained myself for so long.)

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