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Keith goes in to see the guidance counselor, who's played by Paula Marshall. I'm not familiar with her work, but Ms. Marshall apparently has such a reputation for show-killing that the forum posters hiss and make the sign of the cross every time she appears on screen. If her reputation is deserved, maybe she can get over to The West Wing or ER, stat. Of course, if that happens, NBC is going to be in more need of rebuilding than the Mets. (Those last two sentences were taken out of the bestseller Getting Lots And Lots Of Hate Mail For Dummies.) Keith asks why he's there, and Back, Show Killer! tells him that over the last year, Veronica's been late a lot, has had attitude with certain teachers, has fallen asleep in class, and has been socially isolated. Wow, you can describe a high-school student like that in one word: "Prototypical." Keith simply agrees and says that Veronica's had a rough year. BSK! tells Keith that she knows how close Veronica was with Lilly. I'm having a little trouble, but wasn't there another little thing that might have affected her, like HER MOM RUNNING AWAY? BSK! offers to talk to Veronica, and I thought from Veronica's comments to Miss Dent in the last episode that she already had, but Keith warily says that no, he'll handle it. I guess he's heard about her too. Back!

We're back at the Dinner Table of Shiny Happy People. Jake is a-chortling about his wife's apparent suggestion that Duncan see a life coach. If he'd seen Nip/Tuck lately, he wouldn't be laughing. He'd be very, very scared. And I have to say that, given the last role I saw of hers was Jean Grey in X-Men United, seeing Famke Janssen in that role was more than a little disturbing. Duncan's making some faces, and we're to infer that going off his meds has made him a little…manic? Loopy? There have been endless pharmacological discussions in the forums since this episode aired, but I'm not even going to speculate about what Duncan was on or what the effects of going off it should be. The show seems to want us to believe that the antidepressants were responsible for his lack of affect, and going off them is making him erratic. Let's just go with it. Duncan interrupts the Bickersons by standing up and proposing a toast to "Molly, God rest her soul." Jake doesn't know who Molly is, and Celeste bites out that it's their old lab. Duncan waxes nostalgic about the dog. "If only she had the good sense not to whiz in our flowerbed, she'd still be with us!" That makes me think about electric fences, and yes, I watched Ren and Stimpy. (I will decline to say in what state I watched that show, but it ain't on the Electoral College map.) Celeste tells Duncan that she's sure Molly was placed in a good home, and besides, it was six years ago. Considering how unaffected the parents seem to be about Lilly, I guess it's no shock that they don't care about some mutt that trampled their prize petunias, but I still find it hard to believe they could have gone through with taking away their beloved ten- or eleven-year-old son's best friend. That's what leashes are for. Although Dick Cheney uses them for another species entirely. Duncan toasts Molly, and leaves the room. What's the rest of this dinner going to be? Awkward.

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