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Double Your Mothers, Double Your Fun

Veronica's Locker. Wallace hands Veronica Justin's file, looking for all the world like Nelly just announced his retirement. (My expression might be a little different in the same situation.) Veronica looks at the file, and then back at Wallace with a "oh no he DI-INT" look on his face. Wallace hopes she's heard the expression about not tasering the messenger.

Table Built For Dorks. Veronica dismisses Dorks With and Without Glasses. Veronica confronts Justin and tells him how much it drives her crazy that he wasted her time, plus he owes her a hundred fifty bucks in postage. Before she can knock him into the middle of next week, however, a school employee appears and gives Justin a letter addressed to him, presumably care of the school. The letter is from his father. Dude, you might try demonstrating some acting ability here. Maybe that's what the comparisons to Frankie Muniz were all about.

Veronica's studying in her room, and it's nice to give a nod to the fact that you have to study to get good grades, Buffy Summers's SAT scores notwithstanding. Keith knocks and enters and tells Veronica that a certain "pint-sized" someone is there to see her. Veronica rolls her eyes but sort of smiles. In the RED hallway, Justin meekly apologizes to Veronica, and then tells her that his mom admitted his dad is alive, but said he's better off not having known him. Veronica pointedly says that maybe that's the case, which visibly discomfits Keith. Nice little bit of work from Colantoni there. Justin says he has to try to find out what happened to his dad, and now Veronica's the one looking a little upset, but she asks to see the letter again. Did you hear that sound during that scene? No? Exactly. That was the sound of the anvils that didn't fall.

VMVO tells us that Justin's letter had a San Diego postmark, and only three of the John Smiths were from there. Keith knocks and enters again. He tells Veronica that he couldn't help but overhear, and says that he doesn't want her to think of her mom as the villain of the piece. Veronica counters that the villain is the one that leaves. Keith looks like he's struggling with something as he tells her he doesn't think that's a healthy perspective. Veronica: "It's healthier than me pining away every day praying she'll come home." Man, this show knows how to hit where it hurts. Defeated, Keith closes the door. VMVO tells us that in truth, she'd figured out exactly where her mom is staying, but she wasn't about to tell her dad. She gets an address off her computer and writes it on a Post-It note and puts it on her bulletin board. It's on "Paraket Lane." Well, twet twet twet.

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