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Double Your Mothers, Double Your Fun

Veronica catches up with Icetwin outside the school. He's a little cold at first, but her big smile wears him down. Meanwhile, up in the bleachers, the rich kids are watching a lacrosse practice. Logan, holding a flask, tells Duncan that he thought his "boy toy Troy" (okay, hee) was going to join them for "happy hour," and wonders if he got "way laid" (pun his, and again, hee) by Veronica. Duncan stands up and grabs the flask out of Logan's hand, and Logan looks at him uncertainly. But Duncan just goes into a Kung Fu impression. I'd love to see Kwai Chang Caine kick Logan's ass, I tell you what. Logan and Duncan wrassle a bit, and then Duncan launches into an off-key rendition of "Summer Nights." Boy, and here I thought flippy-haired girls were the only thing this show and Smallville had in common. Never underestimate the pervasiveness of massive homoeroticism. Some douchebag does a back flip off the bleachers, sending Danny and the Zukos scampering to the railing. But the kid landed safely on some cushiony bags of something or other. More's the pity. Everyone heads back flaskwards except Duncan, who spies Veronica and Icetwin walking together. She tells him that she had a really good time with him. He assumes she's trying to let him down easy, but she pulls him in for a promo-style kiss. It's nice to have a scene play out remotely the way it's depicted in the promos, unlike what happens on some other shows. I won't name names, but one rhymes with Lawson's Beak. Anyway, Duncan starts to walk away, but then turns, runs up to the railing with a war cry, and flips over it. He hits the cushions but rolls off hard. Veronica rushes over to him, and Icetwin looks bummed that he can't break up with his hand yet. Duncan seems high as a kite, and he'd have to be not to be fazed by the blood gushing out of the back of his head. Logan's a total prick here, which wouldn't be surprising except that he doesn't seem to care at all that Duncan's hurt. He usually seems pretty sensitive when it comes to his buddy. Icetwin and Veronica haul Duncan to his feet. Cut to a minute later, where they've gotten a towel for Duncan to hold on his wound and are getting him into Veronica's car. Duncan still seems loopier than Liza Minnelli on Arrested Development. Or, you know, anywhere else. I'm surprised Icetwin didn't insist on going with them, but whatever. Veronica and Duncan drive off…

…and they're driving, as "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy plays. They've really chosen good music for the scenes so far on this show. Duncan stares at Veronica, who spares a wary glance his way. He takes the towel off his wound, like, I'm sure the leather seats appreciate that. He asks her if she remembers how things used to be. Yes, she does, Duncan. In vivid shades of blue. VMVO gets snitty, and Veronica tells him, "Not really, no." Honey, even with med withdrawal and a head injury, he knows you're lying. There's a reason you're only a guest star, Icetwin.

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