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Veronica's editor is telling her that she needs to find out what's up with the camera. Veronica's hesitant, since Marjorie checked up on her the next day, and she's not getting any sort of creepy vibe from the sorority. The editor, however, is Overinvested, and insists that Veronica press on, so Veronica says that the members are voting at 7 that evening, and that's when Veronica will make her move. Veronica then broaches the subject of the Safe Ride Home carts, and suggests that maybe the driver knows something. Editor: "Or maybe the driver took advantage of the situation." That's why she gets paid the big...oh, having worked in journalism, I can't even complete that thought without giggling hysterically. And then crying, also hysterically. Where was I? Oh, the editor -- whose name apparently is "Nish" -- calls a friend of hers who volunteers at Take Back The Night, and asks if they keep records of who they take home...

...and we cut to Moe opening his door to find Veronica accusingly asking him why he didn't tell anyone he was the one the drove Parker home the night she was raped. Someone's looking fracked.

After the break, Veronica and Moe have moved into his room, and I'm not sure whose reaction is weirder: Moe answering Veronica's finger-point of "Rapist!" with "Would you like to come in?" or Veronica's being all, "Sure, I'd love to, despite the fact I just called you a RAPIST." Anyway, Moe calmly explains that, yes, Parker was hammered, but that Moe didn't know she was the girl who got raped. So it seems more likely, then, that Nish got Parker's name through unofficial channels, which makes me feel a little better. Also, Moe adds that there was a sober girl with him who rode the cart so that she didn't have to walk alone, and that she also helped Moe to put Parker to bed.

Rider Strong opens the door to a janitor's closet, wherein Horshack has spent the night. He's all, "Guten Morgen," and I think he's trying to be funny, but speaking German to the Jewish kid in the prison camp is perhaps a bit much. Anyway, Rider Strong returns Horshack to the company of his fellow prisoners, and Logan congratulates him on his resolve in not giving up the info, and says that he would have cracked already, but that he forgot the address. Horshack pipes up with the correct address, but Long Hair and the Asian girl Rider Strong called fat earlier convince him that he's wrong. Oh, Horshack.

For some reason, we cut to a close-up of a picture of (I think) Lance Armstrong. Okay. VMVO tells us that Moe's alibi checked out, since the girl he was with is a sophomore RA (last name Wells, same as Alia Shawkat's rape-victim character, which is interesting), and she affirms that she didn't leave Moe until midnight. VMVO adds that she's checking out the mystery room, as we see that Veronica is sitting with Karen, the den mother. Veronica pretends to be worried that she endangered her chances by acting like a typical Real World housemate, but Karen reassures her, and even offers to talk to the girls on Veronica's behalf before the vote. She steps out of the room, and Veronica quickly rifles around in Karen's bureau and grabs her keys. She then notices that there's a monitor showing the feed from the mysterious camera from earlier. Karen comes back and says she doesn't think Veronica has anything to worry about.

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