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Saving Karen...Not So Much

Prison. Wallace and the female guard are asleep, and Logan and the other prisoners escape through a window using a ladder fashioned from tied-together bedclothes they stole from the guards' quarters.

Cut to the prisoners pigging out in the cafeteria. Now, if leaving the prison didn't disqualify them from the experiment, why didn't they just really escape instead of hanging out in the same building? Veronica appears, and Logan smiles that his "conjugal visit" has arrived. He goes on to introduce Veronica as his "girl," which is kind of endearing if odd-sounding coming from Logan, and adds that he's got her picture in his cell, and that he sometimes lends it to Horshack. Heh. I just hope he doesn't make a mess of it -- there's some reason to worry. Logan invites Veronica to stay, but she says that while they're breaking out, she's breaking in. "Star-crossed." Heh. Veronica leaves. God, these two are so functional all of a sudden. Some people on the boards are complaining that they're boring, but this is the first time they've actually seemed to me like they might have a ghost of a chance of staying together for any length of time. Can't please everyone, I guess. (Wait, what the hell do I mean, "I guess"?) Rider Strong appears and asks what the hell they're all doing. Logan: "Getting a jump start on the freshman fifteen?" You may live to eat those words, Logan. Which will just compound the problem. Rider Strong berates Wallace and Girl Guard for falling asleep on the job. Well, Rider Strong, your one-note acting isn't doing much for my alertness factor either.

Veronica enters the darkened staircase from earlier as an NVMVO I'll not be transcribing pipes up. Veronica opens the door to find a little greenhouse containing enough weed to make even Corny take notice. Veronica: "Holy smokes." Totally obligatory. Also, hee.

Nish is looking at Veronica's pictures of the pot room, one of which helpfully has the sorority letters emblazoned on the wall, which seems a bit convenient. Nish gloats at the idea that they're bringing down one of the Greek houses, and her crowing of "nine to go" suggests that her journalistic integrity might be slightly impaired. Veronica tries to tell Nish that the sisters weren't all bad, but Nish conversationally steamrolls her and tells Veronica that she's one of them now. Veronica's expression would not be found in the dictionary under "psyched."

Horshack is trying and failing to pee as Rider Strong yells that he downed an entire Big Gulp at the food court. I'm tired of both of these two, but I will concede that perhaps that wasn't the best-judged idea ever. Anyway. Horshack finally cracks and gives up the info, but it's that wrong address with which his teammates tricked him. Long Hair keeps up the act by yelling at Horshack for caving with only ten hours to go, and scene.

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