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And now we find out that what was really in Kendall's briefcase was a painting -- van Gogh's "Two Lovers." I hate to show Marjorie up, but I think that's the definition of irony. I'm glad it wasn't cash, at least, as it seemed to me last week. First we have Keith, wearing the same outfit in the scene just now with Veronica, presenting the painting to some dealer or something. Then, in flashback, we see Kendall opening the briefcase at the end of last season. Then we see Keith telling the dealer that he knows the painting is worth millions. And then we see Keith presenting the papers associated with the painting and saying that the proceeds from the sale should go to the South Neptune Food Bank. It's nice, I suppose, that South Neptune ends up being the beneficiary of Beaver's speculation, but I'm still not sure Keith should be this cheery when Kendall's barely cold yet. And...I guess that Kendall got the proceeds from Beaver's company, invested the bulk of them in the painting, paid Keith with some of the change, and kept the rest with her, which is the small percentage of her worth that Cormac found. I really wonder how there was time to liquidate the assets of Phoenix Land Trust, give Kendall her share, buy the painting, and catch Keith before he left town. But I'm close to the end, so let's just figure there's a One-Stop Shop for South Neptune real estate and multimillion-dollar works of art. (How'd you like to work in that marketing department?)

Wallace comes into Sociology, sits next to Horshack, and tells him that Rider Strong won't be coming to class. Horshack says he knows, since Rider Strong is feeling a cold coming on, so Horshack's taking notes for him. It's too bad Kinney isn't doing a study on chronic doormatitis -- he's missing out on some great material. Horshack says that Rider Strong is a cool guy who just likes to win. You're boring me, Horshack. Horshack asks Wallace where Logan is, and Wallace beams that they'll be seeing him real soon. Kinney starts his lecture, and asks to hear from one of the experiment participants. On cue, Logan, wearing a mask and nothing else, comes running in, and then stops, turns, and salutes Wallace. I'll risk a round of hate mail by agreeing with the posters who opined that Jason Dohring isn't looking quite as ab-tastic as he has in the past. Screencaps don't lie, though. Anyway, Wallace amusingly holds up his hands to cover his view of Logan's naughty bits as a large percentage of the audience bemoans his wasting that opportunity. A good thing about this storyline: I like the Logan/Wallace friendship that's developing. Logan as 09er really doesn't fit the college scene, and Logan and Wallace becoming buds is a good way to start the process of stripping Logan of his 09er identity. (No pun intended that time, shockingly enough.) Anyway, Kinney gives about as good a "God, not AGAIN" exasperated face as you're ever likely to see, and Logan runs out, his flesh-colored underwear unfortunately all too apparent. (And I wanted to get out of that paragraph without making a Zorro reference, but with that mask? Come on.)

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