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My Big Fat Greek Rush Week

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Saving Karen...Not So Much

We see Veronica in the library, which at least shows that she wasn't anxious to repeat the experiences associated with being a ruthless journalist. She picks up a copy of the paper and sees that her story is the lead article. The subhead tells us about the Botany professor providing the seeds, which makes no sense, since Veronica didn't know about it in time to put it in the story, and I find it hard to believe that even someone with Nish's agenda would leave herself open to a lawsuit by alleging something she heard thirdhand. Veronica looks bummed, and "Sunshine" from earlier walks by and congratulates her with a "Well done, sister!" From the look on Veronica's face, it's like she almost misses high school. In much the same way the Yankees "almost" beat the Tigers this year. See you next week!

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Veronica Mars




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