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Wallace finds Veronica inside some campus building massaging her temples. Asked what she's doing, she replies, "Turning my unbearable guilt into steely resolve." Well, to give one of the songs on your soundtrack a shout-out, hon, you've been a long time coming. She pops up and says she's going to catch the rapist "and see him crucified." After she tells Wallace that she's got an interview at the paper for an actual paying position, Moe -- Piz's (where have you gone, Beaverton?) and Wallace's RA -- enters with new safety rules and news of a floor meeting that night. Wallace tells Moe that he can't be there because of the experiment, and Moe replies that he did it the year before (so, he's a sophomore RA? Well, so was Felicity, I guess), and says that it's pretty intense. He gets an odd look on his face as he adds, "It's," He pauses long enough before leaving to prompt "Buh?" looks from Wallace and Veronica.

Cormac, toting a large plastic container of water, comes across a footprint, presumably Keith's. Elsewhere, the trackee in question is looking quite the worse for wear until he comes upon some train tracks.

A young woman is on the phone talking about how someone's a great writer, but that she wouldn't successfully blend in at a sorority: "They're not big on Doc Martens and unibrows." Not particularly nice, but probably true. She hangs up, returns to Veronica, and tells her that the photos in Veronica's portfolio are great. Veronica sighs in relief, since if she didn't get this job, the financial aid people would force her to take a job in the horror chamber known as the library. I'll just tell you that board reaction indicates that Veronica dissing library jobs is the updated version of Jackie dissing Jane Austen, and if you don't get that joke, I'll pull up a chair and tell you about it when I've got three weeks to spare. ["I worked in a public library in high school, and let me just say, I'm sure it beats spraying trays in the caf." -- Wing Chun] Veronica and the woman laugh over a photo of a cheerleader picking a wedgie, and Veronica says that the girl TPed Veronica's house in the tenth grade. The woman gets serious and shows Veronica a poster of Theta Beta (the full name is "Zeta Theta Beta," and it's a either a nice touch or a plot point that Parker got confused on the shortened name) and asks what she thinks. Veronica: "I think it's the gateway to hell, and I don't want to keep looking directly at it." Heh. The woman brings up the rapes, and mentions Parker's name. I'm choosing to believe that she didn't get the name from the university, but I think it's fair not to have too much confidence in the school's handling of the rapes in general, given that the same guy who humped a bald mannequin at a Take Back The Night rally was recently able to sashay his way onto a girls-only floor. Anyway, the woman says that there have been a lot of nasty rumors about what goes on at Theta Beta, and says that since Veronica is "intelligent" and "cute," she's the perfect choice to go undercover and do an exposé on the group. Veronica ineffectively demurs, and the woman tells her that she'll blend right in.

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