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Saving Karen...Not So Much

...where Marjorie joins them and tells Veronica that this is why they take the girls' purses -- so that they can leave invitations in the dorm rooms for the girls they want at the secret party, although with off-campus-living Veronica, they had to get creative. NVMVO notes that they had access to Parker's room. Marjorie leads Veronica to another guy -- Chip, now President of the Pi Sigs. Chip takes one look at Veronica and flatly tells Marjorie that Veronica accused him of rape last year. Veronica laughs unconvincingly, and tells him, for Marjorie's benefit, to learn to take a joke, but he just scoffs and walks away. Given the rate of awkward introductions that Veronica's being subjected to here, I'm starting to wonder if Keith is undercover at this place. Or, even worse, not.

But there's nothing to worry about. Exterior sheriff's office, "Kretchmer County," night. Two deputies emerge to find a dirty and disheveled Keith shambling toward them like he's in Night Of The Living Dead or something. Of course, if that were true, he'd be going hungry for a while, if the one guy's query of "You okay, sir?" is any indication. Keith tells them that there's been a murder, and that he can take them to the location.

Cut to Veronica doing her best Parker-pre-rape imitation. "WAOOOOO!" she shouts as she dances blazerless in the middle of a circle of guys. VMVO wonders how long she has to play drunk before someone tries to get her to disrobe. Two girls come out and grind with her, and VMVO notes that her decade will be known for the "faux-lesbian dance." Oh, Veronica. In these Britney and Madonna years, it's hard to remember that Basic Instinct came out in 1992. Veronica spies a surveillance camera over a locked door, and makes a big show of saying that they're on TV, grabbing a chair, putting it close to the camera, and getting up on it to shake her rather shapely booty. Marjorie's expression goes from amused to concerned, and she comes over and gets Veronica down, Chip in tow. The two of them lead Veronica away as the guys all boo. Heh.

As Chip and Marjorie lead Veronica down a dimly-lit set of stairs, VMVO says that the first one of them to try anything is "getting a taste of Mr. Sparky." Somewhere beyond the grave, Kendra is smiling. However, there's no need for Mr. Sparky's services at this point, as it turns out that Marjorie wanted to get Veronica out of there, because her behavior is reaching the point where she'll start losing points with the sisters, and she's Marjorie's favorite. Aw. Marjorie tells Veronica that there's a "Safe Ride Home" cart coming to pick her up, and that Chip will wait with her. Marjorie leaves, and Veronica drops the ditzy part of the act as Chip tells her that it's not how he wanted his night to end either. Yes, I'm sure that, in ten minutes, another party will be real tough to come by. Especially during Rush Week!

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