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Saving Karen...Not So Much

Prison. The guards come in with some nasty-looking food. Wallace does his part by sampling the stuff, and it's kind of unfair to the prisoners that they've got the Human Hoover on the other side. Horshack complains, and Rider Strong chews the scenery. I don't blame him this time -- now he won't have to eat the food.

Parking lot of awkward. Veronica fake-dry-heaves as VMVO says that it's the best way to keep a guy away: "Vomit is the new Mace." Not to contradict the VMVO, but I'd say having already once accused Chip of rape on a campus that's dying for a scapegoat might have something to do with his reticence as well. Anyway, the cart -- driven by a pissy female student -- arrives, and Chip tells the driver to take Veronica to her friend's dorm, since she's a commuter. Once they've driven off, Chip amusingly splays his hands out all, "Uch." Heh.

The driver is berating Veronica for being one of those girls who goes "into the belly of the beast" and gets all tarted up and drunk until she can't say no: "You should know better. The Greeks are evil." It would be amusing if Veronica continued the act and tried to "drunkenly" hug the rather humorless driver, but maybe she doesn't want to get pitched out of the uncovered cart on a sharp turn. Instead, she goes with the tack of telling the girl that she's not drunk, mentioning the story she's working on, and then asking if the girl picked up any Theta Beta rushes the night before. The girl says that she didn't, but that there are a couple of carts out each night. Veronica then recites the alphabet backwards until the girl pulls over and tells her in disgust to get out. She speeds away, and Veronica calls, "Thanks, Sunshine! Keep on keepin' on!" Heh, but...should Sunshine really be letting a female student, even a sober one, off in the middle of nowhere? I don't think she's trying her hardest to win Safe Ride Home Employee Of The Month.

Rider Strong's House Of Torture Through Overacting. We're in the bathroom, and all the boys are relieving themselves, except for Horshack, who's having trouble going with Rider Strong's yelling. I'm not a fan of the yelling either, but after eight hours, I wouldn't even hear it over the multiple cascades from around the room. Rider Strong speculates that Horshack is a "homo," and then calls time. Horshack unhappily zips up as Logan looks over with interest. Not in that order, I might add.

The Dimwitted Deputy is telling Keith that there's no body and no blood, but that the place is torn up, and that it looks like a robbery, not a murder. Keith opines that the place is torn up because Cormac was looking for Kendall's money. Another deputy finds some blood on the glass framing a painting -- a revelation that causes Keith visible consternation.

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