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Logan's washing his hands when Weevil angrily busts in, kicks the stopper under the door, and checks to make sure no one else is in there. Logan calmly makes a comment about ripping off the duct tape, so I guess he stripped Weevil naked and then put it on. With about an hour between the two events, I'm guessing. Weevil scowls that he shouldn't let Logan live for what he pulled. Logan: "What I pulled? Hang on, compadre, let's recap." It's always weird when the fourth wall just up and vanishes like that. Logan recalls the shotgun incident, and Weevil feebly offers that that wasn't him. Logan then goes on about the house-burning and the Russian roulette, prompting Weevil to yell that he thought Logan killed Felix. Logan evenly says he didn't, and Weevil admits that he believes that now. He points out that they both want to know who killed Felix. Logan: "So, what -- we team up? Get matching capes? I ride shotgun in a sidecar?" I know it won't mean much to someone of your financial means, Logan, but I still have to tell you that I'd pay good money to see that. Weevil agrees that that's the plan, but first he has to beat the crap out of Logan for the sake of his image. Logan asks who's going to throw the first punch, and then the bell rings and Weevil clocks him. As jaunty music plays, the two of them beat the hell out of each other, and Logan's stunt double has sure learned a thing or two about fighting. (Actually, Dohring is in a lot of the shots, but there are moments when the double is clearly identifiable.) A crowd gathers around the door, and Clemmons and a couple of security officers make their way toward it as Weevil and Logan end up rolling around on the floor. As Madonna said when she presented Titanic with its seventy-ninth Academy award of the 1997 ceremony: "What a shocker." Clemmons and a security officer get the door open, and each grabs one of the pugilists and leads him away. Thumper and Hector appear, and Thumper, seeing Logan's bloody face, is psyched that Weevil upheld his reputation. Hector demurs, however, saying that if it was him, he would have put Logan in the ground. Oh, do you have experience with that? Do tell!

Java The Hut. Mac is showing Beaver some website designs she came up with. Beaver overenthusiastically is like, "Sweet!" I'm starting to see his point about not meeting with investors. Mac also dorks out in this scene, which I thought was kind of adorable, although some posters thought otherwise. Beaver's impressed with the website and letterhead, but tells Mac that Kendall will be the CEO. Yeah, I'm not sensing Beaver's got a contract extension for poor Charisma in mind here. Mac makes the change, and asks him to tip her off when he's going public. Beaver tells her that might be illegal. Mac: "Still, you're admiring my moxie, aren't you?" Beaver admits that he is in fact doing something like that. And Beav, if you blurt out the details of your IPO in bed, no court will hold it against you.

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