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Mars Investigations. Veronica, in a business suit and glasses, answers the door in response to a knock from a "Mrs. Mahnovsky." Veronica leads the woman into Keith's office as VMVO tells us that adoption records are hard to get your hands on, but that temporary foster parents are a weak link in the security chain. Veronica sits at Keith's desk, on which there's a nameplate that reads "Veronica Mars, P.I." Heh -- nice parallel with Clemmons's new nameplate at the end of the episode. Anyway, it turns out that this woman housed the prom baby for a few weeks after she was found, and Veronica tells her that her "clients" think the prom baby might be their long-lost child. She adds that her clients don't want a lot of publicity, which is lucky for them, because if they did come forward, they might be...what's the term? Oh, yes, ARRESTED FOR ABANDONMENT. Veronica goes on to say that they want to take care of the child financially, but the woman says the money may not mean much to her, since she ended up in a wealthy local home. But this past year, her adoptive mother committed suicide, and her adoptive father went to jail. Wow, sounds like that girl must have had a very bad year. Veronica takes a breath and tries to keep calm as she realizes who the prom baby is.

This was hashed to death on the boards, so I'll try to be brief about how I see the story- and timeline of this plot point. Haaron and his first wife apparently adopted Trina in 1980. That would have made Haaron twenty or twenty-one, if you believe the birthdate on that website Veronica saw a few episodes ago. However, considering it was such a throwaway, it could have been a production error. I'd like to think of another explanation, but I just can't believe an actor would ever lie about his age. In 1982, Haaron met Lynn on the set of his first movie, but we don't know when they actually got together, nor when they got married. Maybe Haaron cheated on his first wife with Lynn? It would explain a lot about Trina's feelings toward her. Anyway: at some point, the first wife left the picture, and Haaron and Lynn got together. If Haaron's first wife died, it would make sense that Lynn would have adopted Trina, and given that Trina didn't like her, I could see her still referring to Lynn as her "stepmom." Or Trina was originally Haaron's blood child by his first wife, and all this is just a mishmash of continuity errors and fanwanking. You say mayor, I say county supervisor.

Hospital. Veronica, wearing a visitor's badge, is directed somewhere by a nurse as VMVO tells us that she should just let this drop: "Be honest with yourself, Veronica; you just can't stand Celeste Kane and you want to see her humiliated." Well, as long as you're being honest, I think you should add that the desire to see her humiliated is more important to you than your relationship with Duncan. Not that, given all the available evidence, that doesn't make total sense to me. Veronica enters Trina's room, and Trina tells her that the doctor is keeping her another day so that the swelling on the back of her head can go down. Wow, the ghost of Yorick really wasn't fucking around. Veronica fakes hesitation, saying she should just let Trina rest, but Trina asks her about the paper she has in her hand. Veronica tells her she's thinking of auditioning for the play, so she wanted to put herself on tape and get some direction from Trina. Trina's thrilled, and grabs the "script" to look at it.

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