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Meeeeooooow! (Ffffft!)

...and we're back outside, as Veronica tries to get the attention of the woman in question, who's busily cleaning up the tables. Some jerkoff skater type tells Veronica that Mary doesn't talk: "She's like, retarded or deaf or something." Well, dude, if she won't talk to you, that alone rules out the first option. VMVO says that Lianne knew how to sign because she had an aunt who was deaf, and she taught Veronica the alphabet, but that was a long time ago. She goes up to Mary, getting her attention, and asks in sign language if Mary knew her mom, spelling out her first and last names. Mary denies knowledge of the name at first, but when Veronica turns away, she has a moment of recognition and grabs her. She signs, slowly at Veronica's request, that, as Veronica translates it, Lianne was a "fiend." Like many of the posters, I immediately guessed that she actually signed "friend," but given Veronica's mindset about her mom both due to the events of last year and the allegations in the file, I can see where she'd be predisposed to get that wrong. Nevertheless, I am so smart! I'll even sign that last word out for you: S...M...R...T.

Back by the administration office, Veronica catches Principal Moorehead and asks about his suspension of Lianne. Moorehead denies remembering the specific reason, but thinks he wouldn't want to repeat it even if he did. Truer words were never spoken. Especially by you, dude. He continues, "I'm sure your mom turned into a terrific person." And in the thirty-first episode of the series, we finally discover a sentence that can actually make Veronica flinch. At that rate, look for it to happen again late in the third season (and yes, I'm hitting my wooden table with my right hand and my forehead with my left). Moorehead says that, back then, Lianne was "rather vicious." Veronica takes a moment to look discomfited, and then follows Moorehead into...

...a classroom, where Trina enthusiastically greets both of them, calling Moorehead by his first name. To Veronica: "Isn't he a big old teddy bear?" Trina, trust me: it will be better for all concerned if you don't get into how cuddly he is. Moorehead says it's good to see her, and then takes off as Trina double-cheek-kisses Veronica and compliments her look, and asks how she's been, "aside from that whole mess with Dad and all." Trina is acting like their dispute was over a little fender-bender, but while there was a car accident involved, there was a little more to it than that. I noted, though, when they first met, that Trina was nice to Veronica, so it's not like her geniality now is out of nowhere. Trina excitedly babbles on that Evan Rachel Wood has signed on for "the project." At Veronica's confusion, Trina clarifies that Wood is going to play Veronica in The Aaron Echolls Story, but that there will have to be a name change, since Veronica and Keith won't sign the release forms. That might explain what the email everyone caught in Veronica's inbox last episode was all about. Trina then tells Veronica that she should audition for the play, since they need some pretty girls. Veronica: "Yeah, thanks anyway. I can't act." Give the girl an Emmy for that line delivery right there. Trina tells Veronica she's got presence, and that they should talk later, but right now, her company needs her. She overacts, "The play is my master and I am its whore." I'd make a comment, but frankly, I'm so pleased by seeing not a trace of Willow in that scene that I'll let it pass...

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