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The 09 Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Gia answers her door all flipping out and weird. I don't know if she's supposed to seem unglued, or if the actress is still making choices, but generally Gia makes me really uncomfortable and skeeved out. Some of her lines are funny, and I thought she was especially excellent after the crash, when she was neither obnoxious nor self-conscious but managed to sell a pretty difficult line, but...I don't know. I wouldn't want to hang out with Gia in real life, because she would make me nervous, and that would make me tired. She also looks a hell of a lot like Thelma's new ghostly lesbian girlfriend on Hex, of whom I'm kind of jealous because she will never love Thelma like I do, so maybe it's crossover anxiety. Also, does Veronica ever just, like, hang out and watch TV or anything? I know everybody that watches this show must ask that at some point, but I've never really thought about it: today she's had a doctor's appointment, visited a cigar shop, and now she's at a slumber party --all in service of the two cases she's working. For somebody who's all prickly and take-no-crap, she's certainly spending a lot of time on other people. Well, she's kind of letting the whole "bus crash meant for her that ended the lives of several people" thing slide this week, but come on: wouldn't you? Every now and then wouldn't you just kind of ignore that shit for a few minutes? ["She did watch The Big Lebowski, so it's at least happened...once." -- Wing Chun]

Gia makes Veronica take off her shoes because her mom's a germophobe, I think. ["Or Canadian. It's what we do, so we don't track the snow in." -- Wing Chun] Gia yells, "You brought your sleeping bag! That's so cute!" Veronica's response: "I like to have the option." Veronica, it wasn't creepy until you said that. Now it's like, "I'm sleeping on the floor unless dinner is very expensive." "Don't judge me for my Ninja Turtles," she jokes, which is awesome, because in an informal poll I just conducted, 99% of people had that same sleeping bag, and probably still do. It's also awesome because you know Veronica loved the Turtles. I bet she said her favorite was Michelangelo, but it was actually Rafael. Gia goes through some pretty intense business while this short interchange happens. She: hangs up Veronica's jacket, puts each of Veronica's articles in a separate labeled basket, and moves some screens around to reveal more baskets and a shoe area. The creepiest part of this is how the baskets are the top are labeled "Father" and "Mother." (For some reason that freaks me out: "Gia's Clothes Which Flatter The Countenance.") "Whoa, somebody likes their label maker!" jokes Veronica, and Gia's breezy, as she always is when somebody brings up the total freakiness of her family: "At least we know where to find everything." Voice-over: "Yeah, like, 'The anal psychos are located right about here.' Great -- they kill their guests and steal their shoes." To be fair, Veronica has reason to be paranoid about freaks stealing shoes, Abel Koontz. Hearing teenage-girl giggles from elsewhere in the house, Veronica's voice-over continues: "Please tell me they kill their guests." Hee! Gia covers Veronica's eyes, and the camera, and lacunas us into the next scene as Veronica thinks, "My Spidey sense is tingling. Something bad is happening."

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