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Summer Of Love And Hate

Sometime later, Veronica pronounces Wallace's urine clean, which tosses the Butters theory right out. Thanks for catching up, hon. Wallace sighs that it's going to be a grim year for Neptune athletics, since everyone on the whiteboard is a star player. If you do say so yourself, Wallace. You'd think someone who swaggers around the locker room wouldn't be quite so shy about taking a piss. Veronica asks Wallace for the names of the kids who will benefit from the unfair suspensions, and writes them on the whiteboard. One of them is Shelly Pomroy, who's apparently the Tino of this show, and another is the aforementioned Steve Wacker. Veronica calls Keith in, tells him about Wallace's plight, and asks if he can find out the names of the shareholders of Boatloads of Fun Corp. Keith sits at her computer and spits out six surnames, five of which match exactly to the five beneficiaries of the failures. There's some initial confusion about the sixth name, but Veronica realizes that it's the druggie 09er who passed. Oh, yeah, I forgot about him. Commercials.

I have to note that it's a little pat that every single member of the board had a child on an athletics team at Neptune. Unless that's why they formed the company, in which case they really need a new hobby. What do they think golf clubs and Junior League are for?

Journalism room. Veronica tells Wallace that the BoFC parents must have bought off someone at the testing facility. She says she's going to send an email to each of the partners, of the "I Know What You Did This Summer" ilk. It will appear to be from the lab tech who signed off on the results, requesting a new financial arrangement. Wallace points out that they don't know that was the guy who changed the results, but Veronica thinks that's irrelevant: it will still scare the partners. I'm not sure she should count on shaking up a group of scruple-less people with a weapon that could be defeated by a good spam filter. An attractive young woman ["Naima!" -- Wing Chun] interrupts to ask Veronica for her permission slip, which Veronica duly forks over. The woman leaves, and Wallace identifies her as the new journalism teacher. Veronica: "She seems all right." I look forward to having numerous opportunities to judge that for myself. Veronica goes on to say that the teacher is taking anyone from newspaper, yearbook, and broadcast news to the baseball field where the "San Diego Sharks" play the next day. Wallace expresses surprise that Veronica's going, not because she doesn't like baseball, but because she doesn't like people. Veronica says she's just a normal girl going on a normal field trip. Wallace: "Normal is the watchword." I hit the eight-second button several times in succession to make sure that sinks in.

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