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Summer Of Love And Hate

On the bus, Veronica sits down to talk to Meg, who greets her with a fake smile. Veronica notes that Meg is back on the cheerleading team, and Meg makes to pay her for her services. Wow. Trying to pay a woman for something she intended to give for free is pretty bitchy. My little Saint Blonde's all grown up! Meg stomps off as VMVO tells us that Meg's acting like Veronica seduced Duncan on his and Meg's wedding day, which isn't what happened. Heh, too bad. Can't you just see a slow-motion shot of Veronica tasering bridesmaids left and right as she runs up the aisle to tell Duncan he belongs with her? Geez, you people have no inner eye.

Flashback. "Long Time Coming" by Delays plays, which is my second-favorite song on the new VM soundtrack. VMVO tells us that Duncan claimed to have visited "the Hut" (Veronica's place of employ, I guess) every day that summer before she started working there. It doesn't sound like Veronica entirely believes that, which she shouldn't, if only because of Duncan's claim that he was so busy with his parents' trial, but she says that Duncan's certainly been in every day since she started. We see a montage of Duncan sitting at various tables and exchanging smiles with Veronica, and a last shot of them sitting at the same table sharing some cake. Easy, Metabolism Boy. You never know when you may have another shirtless scene.

On the bus, VMVO tells us she heard "through the grapevine" that Duncan broke up with Meg on the last day of school, but if you want to know whether it had anything to do with Veronica telling him they weren't brother and sister, you'll have to ask him. Veronica, you're supposed to cover your eyes and ears when you say shit like that. Seriously? I can buy Meg's behavior. There were clear signs in "A Trip To The Dentist" that she was jealous of Veronica, even before the "Hulk smash car" scene. But Veronica's not asking Duncan why he broke up with Meg, when she herself was painfully burned by him? No. Not out of concern for Meg, but for her own protection, I think she would have asked questions. I don't have a problem with Veronica's breaking up with Logan the way she did, although I would have liked to see more lead-up, and I don't blame Veronica and Duncan for having unresolved feelings for each other. But the way they're Pollyanna-ing their way into this relationship is a little disturbing. VMVO says that she was with Logan when Duncan dumped Meg, and that she was "absolutely faithful," and that she and Duncan didn't get together until weeks after Keith shot-putted Logan onto the hood of his Humvee. I take the first part to mean she was faithful emotionally. The second part is more ambiguous -- I thought at first she meant that's when they started going out again, but wouldn't she say they "got back together," in that case? Maybe they went at it in the Hut's bathroom. I just hope Carrie Bishop wasn't getting a latte at the time.

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