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Summer Of Love And Hate

The song, which awesomely has been going this whole time keep playing as we flash back again. Duncan waves goodbye to Veronica and starts to leave. Veronica goes to bus his table, and finds a box with a ribbon tied around it. She opens it to find a fortune cookie. She reads it, and then runs over to Duncan, grabs him and says something, and kisses him happily. I wonder what that fortune said. "Rich boys have the best endowments"? Eh, write your own joke.

Bus. VMVO says that she's sorry Meg's hurting: "Truly sorry. But I can't say I have any regrets." Ah, the "Screw my friends, I have a boyfriend!" approach. It's a classic.

The bus pulls in to get gas, and the teacher tells them they have five minutes. Cut to Veronica coming out of the store holding a bottle of water. She hears Lilly's voice call her name, and sees a blurry image of someone in a Neptune cheerleading uniform who is clearly not Amanda Seyfried run around the corner of the store. Veronica calls Lilly's name, and hustles around the corner to find Weevil doing something to his bike. A lot of posters thought this was a big misstep, and I'm afraid I agree. Having Lilly appear to Veronica in dreams last season was one thing -- it was Lilly's season, for one, and dreams are manifestations of our own unconscious. But this is too otherworldly for this show, and what's more, it's completely unnecessary. Veronica could have seen Weevil herself without it seeming contrived. Now, it looks like Lilly's ghost directly intervened to save Veronica, and if she's going to do that, I don't know why she didn't show up in last season's second episode, all, "I'm sick of your slow-assed shit, Veronica. IT WAS [H]AARON ECHOLLS!" Anyway. Weevil and Veronica trade barbs about Homecoming Queen and guns. Back on the bus, the teacher asks if everyone's there. Meg -- who's apparently the only person on the bus with anything remotely close to 20/20 vision -- looks out the window, sees Veronica, and then tells the teacher everyone's there. I'd rant about the teacher getting her license revoked for being so lax, but that's not going to seem particularly relevant in a couple of minutes.

Weevil asks, rather hotly, if Veronica liked slumming for a year: "As soon as they'll have you back, you go running to the 09ers." It does look that way, and I'm sure Veronica would like to defend herself by telling Weevil why she broke up with Logan, but I guess she can't without heightening the PCHers' antagonism, probably leading to more violence. Instead, she tells Weevil that he doesn't know her or the 09ers. Weevil says that Logan killed Felix. Veronica points out that Logan had broken ribs and a concussion, so how could he have wrestled away one of the PCHers's knives and stabbed Felix? For that matter (and this is me asking now), whose knife was it? You'd think the PCHers involved in the attack might have asked each other who was missing a weapon. I'm thinking they know a lot more than they're telling Weevil. Weevil isn't hearing what Veronica's saying until Veronica asks if he knows about the shotgun blast that almost killed her and Logan. Weevil tries to play it off, but it's clear he didn't know. Veronica: "Are you sure you're still in charge?" It sucks to win an argument and have your thunder stolen by a little thing like the school bus leaving without you. Veronica smiles in resignation as Weevil rides off. She then pulls out her Sidekick and calls Wallace with her best sweet "Hey Wallace, whatcha doing?" Good that some things haven't changed from last season. We hear the sound of a chopper, though, and Veronica hangs up right before catching Weevil's headgear. He tells her to hop on. Aw. And he didn't even have a spare helmet this time!

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