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Summer Of Love And Hate

Some woman calls Veronica over to the TV and tells her that Keith is on. We see Keith being interviewed by Julie Chen in split-screen. Now, I'm sure you're all aware that Ms. Chen is married to Leslie Moonves, President and CEO of CBS and thus overseer of UPN, so you don't need me to make any comments about people involved with this show knowing what side their split-screen is buttered on. Or something. Julie Chen notes that, after Lilly was murdered, the press made Keith out to be a "Barney Fife character." I certainly hope Keith never follows in Don Knotts's footsteps, if only for sartorial reasons. Julie Chen asks Keith whether he's feeling redemption. Keith says he's really only feeling relief, as his image fills the screen and a caption comes up telling us that he's co-author of the book Big Murder, Small Town. Keith confesses that he did have days and weeks of doubting himself. That's the nature of Nielsen ratings. VMVO sighs about the book, saying that Keith didn't want to do it, but what with the medical bills for Keith's convalescence and Lianne's stealing enough money to keep her in booze for at least a year, he had no choice when the crime reporter from the San Diego Tribune secured a book advance for Keith's story. I assume that's Keith's co-author there, then. Veronica's friend or co-worker or whatever says that Keith is hot. I wonder what her handle is. Keith goes on to say that he knew the Kanes were lying about the circumstances of the night of the murder. Julie Chen asks about the night Haaron was captured, and notes that Keith was nearly burned to death saving Veronica. VMVO urges Keith to lay it all out -- saving Veronica, getting rushed to the hospital: "Daughter's night? Just beginning." Hey, don't make this about you!

Too late. Knock knock knock. 3:07 AM. Veronica wakes up. "I was hoping it would be you." Well, me too, considering it still could be Jake Gyllenhaal, for all I know. We see a silhouette of a guy standing with his back to Veronica. Her smile fades as she realizes, "Logan?" There are two possible interpretations to this little moment. One is that she mistook Logan for Duncan, which isn't that much of a stretch. The other is that she saw or sensed that something wasn't right, which, given that a bloody and battered Logan can hardly stand before falling into her arms, also has something to it. I like the ambiguity, but if I had to pick an explanation, I'd go with the former. It's true that Veronica had business to discuss with both of them, but she had reason to think that Duncan would come see her, but would be delayed with his parents' arrest and all. She didn't know anything about Logan's whereabouts. Plus, I know I don't open the door for anyone with a serene smile when the first thing I have to tell him or her is "Your dad was boffing your girlfriend, killed her, and then almost killed me." I rarely open the door with a serene smile at all, but definitely not in that situation.

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