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Summer Of Love And Hate

Cut to Veronica sponging the blood off Logan's face as he lies across her lap on the couch. Logan tells her that Weevil and the PCHers got him alone on the bridge. Then we're in a flashback-within-a-flashback of the scene we saw in the season finale. In voice-over, Veronica asks what Logan was doing there, and Logan -- without saying it in so many words -- says that he was going to follow his mother's example. Well, at least the water would have been nice and clean. I can't imagine it takes collagen that long to wash out to sea. Weevil strides over to Logan, and it's worth noting that he's got his hands in his jacket pockets and has actually turned to look at a loudly honking vehicle, and therefore is completely unthreatening at this particular moment, when Logan takes the opportunity to boot him across the face and knock him out. Felix says that Logan doesn't know what he just did, and he and a couple other PCHers haul Logan down and toss him on the ground. The gang then reenacts the "beatdown" they gave Chardo, and I'm wondering if Logan was in a traffic accident on his way to Veronica's, because he sure didn't sustain those injuries from the PCHers zealously taking out their frustrations on the asphalt. Back in her apartment, Veronica tells Logan he's lucky to be alive. He shushes her, since he's still not done with his flashback...

...wherein some dude is waking Logan's bloody ass up. The guy tells him that he's called an ambulance, so Logan should just lie there, and also, it would be nice if he dropped the knife in his hand. Logan looks down at the nasty-looking job in his hand, and then up at Felix's corpse. Oh, Veronica. You're going to date a boy like that?

Back in the living room, Logan says he didn't stab Felix, and Veronica sincerely says that she believes him. Logan says that he threw the knife in the water, got in his car, and drove. I have to note that this all seems highly suspect. The guy who found Logan casually told him that he called an ambulance while Felix's corpse is all, "I'm right here, dude"? I mean, wouldn't this guy have called the police as well, and maybe attempted to disarm Logan himself? Something's not right here. And with that, I'm going to put on my Captain Obvious hat. It's got a propeller and everything! Veronica winces, knowing that Logan's deserting the scene didn't do him any favors, and then starts to broach the subject of Haaron, but Logan says he already knows: apparently the video star is killing on the radio. Logan cries in Veronica's arms until there's a knock at the door. It would be hilarious if it were Duncan, and she opened the door and was all, "I was hoping it would be you...ten minutes ago!" But it's actually Deputy Leo, who says he's looking for Logan: he saw Logan's SUV. Veronica sighs in resignation and opens the door, but Leo takes a moment to stroke one side of Veronica's face. I hope he's just taking a look at a bruise she got from Haaron or something, because if he's trying to win her back, given that he hasn't locked up the current boyfriend yet, I'm thinking it might be a little too soon. Leo reads Logan his rights as Veronica defeatedly slumps against the door. Nice work by Max Greenfield there.

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