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Summer Of Love And Hate

...and we're in a coffee-shop flashback. Veronica's co-worker points out Duncan and tells her he asked to sit in her section. Veronica goes over to him, and they smilingly greet each other. Veronica notes she hasn't seen him, and he says that with the 'rents on trial and all, it's been hectic. Also, with all the new people in the main cast, there's no way they're shelling out for Kyle Secor and Lisa Thornhill, and Secor's on Commander In Chief this season anyway. At least, that's what I take Duncan's statement that his parents "moved up to the Napa house for the duration" to mean. I don't know how they're going to testify from the Napa house, but the man who put streaming video on the map can probably figure out a way. Duncan says that he doesn't want to transfer for his senior year, and tells her that he's got the Presidential Suite at the Neptune Grand. He says this with an adorably dorky eyebrow-raise. Veronica's co-worker butts in to tell Veronica that her boyfriend's there. She turns to see Logan (who hangs back for a second), and then turns back to Duncan who, in a less affable manner, asks for a latte with his awkward. Veronica kisses a severely bruised Logan, which means that the timeline is fucked, because if Logan's still so beat up, it has to be pretty soon after the bridge incident, yet Veronica acted like she hadn't seen Duncan in weeks.

Back in the present, VMVO tells us that Logan and Duncan don't speak anymore: "I guess that's what happens when your best friend starts dating your ex." Good point. Also, from a scientific standpoint, it's nice that they redid the experiment with the participants reversed. You have to make sure there isn't any bias. VMVO goes on to say that she's supposed to be looking into the drug-test thing. She goes over to Kelvin's table and says that she's had a change of heart. Kelvin's wise to the Wallace factor, but no one really cares, so Veronica asks who would want to set him up, noting that he picks on "the weak and helpless." Kelvin says that there was one kid who swore he'd ruin Kelvin's life, but "he doesn't have the cojones." The mention of cojones brings back happier times, when the show was young, and Weevil and Logan were just discovering how much they identified with the male characters in Y Tu Mama Tambien. Anyway, they call the kid in question "Butters," which is awesome. Butters was showing off on the pegboard before gym, so Kelvin pantsed him. So that's how he knew he didn't have the cojones. I just hope he didn't find Mr. Hankey.

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